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A new vlog series

I’ve decided to go a bit more high tech and there’s going to be a learning curve involved. This is a vlog post I did about tips on speaking to audiences, creating content that really appeals emotionally to your audience.   This is going to be a resource series. If you find it useful please […]

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Did anyone else notice…

That terrorist attacks have become less shocking recently? When I heard about the Berlin Christmas market attack on Monday, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh no!’, the second think I thought was ironically, it had been a while. Like it was almost expected one would come. And the third thing I wondered was how […]

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My very first book!

Hi Everyone! I’m developing my youtube channel and I just put up a new video book talk of my very first book Bedtime Ba-a-a-lk. I want to make it an excellent resource for teachers and educators to use. I hope you enjoy it! Please like and share.

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for perspective! I think I mentioned how I feel like I’m going through a real learning phase! Visited a school recently where I spoke to grade sixes about growing up in Dundas and afterward a lady came up to me. She asked which school I went to and I told her Dundana and she she […]

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Dealing with Friction…

With any human interaction there is bound to be friction. Meeting new people and dealing with them, not knowing exactly what their motivations are or where they’re coming from can be difficult. And when they treat you with disdain, it’s very easy to over react. And it’s so easy to attribute the harshest motivations to […]

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NCTE 2016…

I just got back from Atlanta, Georgia having presented two sessions at the National Council of Teachers of English convention. My goodness what an exciting trip it was! But it took its toll, because I am sick, sick, sick! I’d been through Atlanta’s airport on the way to other places, but this was the first […]

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Mentor??? Moi???

I just received a very special book in the mail! A year and a half ago, when I was conducting workshops at Fairview Public Library, a young girl came in my writing workshop and submitted her work in progress a novel called My Demon’s Name is ED. ED stands for ‘eating disorder’. She had been […]

I was invited to be a panelist on TVO’s flagship current affairs program called The Agenda with Steve Paikin. I was on a panel with Sadaf Ahsan a web editor with The National Post, Shaine Jackson, a native artist from B.C. and Andrew Cohen a professor of journalism at Carleton University and a fellow author […]

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When the computer crashes…

in the middle of a powerpoint presentation and you’ve got an audience of about a hundred and fifty antsy ten and eleven year olds… What do you do??? This is not a hypothetical situation. It happened today, about three hours ago as I write this. October being Islamic Heritage month, I was invited to Barbara […]

It’s been a day and a half since I returned from Malaysia, the other side of the world, yup twelve hour time zone difference and I’m powering through the jet lag. Alhamdu lillah, it was a fabulous trip. My hosts were were so hospitable!!! Almost too hospitable, need to shed some of the pounds I […]

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