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I’ve been thinking and thinking about why Trump, despite all his lies, and all the detritus that is spewing from his blowhole is so popular among a certain demographic of American population, and I think I may have come up with the reason. When I was looking at the faces of the Trump supporters, most […]

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when it becomes too depressing is not only wise, it’s prudent. We have such limited time on this earth. You have to pick and choose your battles. And yet writing this is giving myself the advice I need reminding of. Foolishly I started watching the Republican National Convention footage. Watching all these white people’s faces […]

Creative caving or simply being practical?

Not sure. But I’ve been thinking of Neil Gaiman quite a bit for the last few days. He’s the author of Coraline and is really good at writing creepy stories. I read his Graveyard Book and although it’s nowhere near as good as Coraline, it is kind of interesting and the fact that I finished […]

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I don’t usually get very ‘religious’ on my blog, ironically it seems to be ‘bad form’, but I think I want to talk about what faith is actually good for. Yesterday was July 7th and I happened across a very infamous video of Philando Castile’s girlfriend documenting his shooting and eventual death as her four […]

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As the world goes crazy…

take a deep breath and carry on, and remember that all this too is within God’s plan. It has been confirmed that Eid will be on Wednesday July 6th insha Allah, so a few hours of this fast and one more to go. Just heard the news that there was a suicide bomber at the […]

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