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Ramadan’s last ten nights…

are upon me, and although I haven’t done much ‘writing’, not physically anyway, I’ve been rereading the Quran, immersing myself in the language that has basically defined my life. It was first revealed in Ramadan, and Ramadan is always a good time to recharge, reacquaint myself with its message. I’ve realized that much of my […]

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Dealing with heartache…

Just days after they laid Muhammad Ali to rest, a 29 year old American named Omar Mateen shot up a gay nightclub killing 49 people. How could anyone do such a thing??? Just when things are getting calm, something like this happens. I try not to think of it because whenever I do, tears well […]

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Oh Beautiful Ramadan!

The Prophet (peace be upon him) had encouraged Muslims to welcome this sacred ninth month of the Muslim calendar! Welcome it because during this month the doors of heaven are opened and the doors of hell are closed and all the shayateen (devils) are chained up and have no power to influence us. It is […]

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