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One of the things I’ve been worried about with the Syrian crisis and everything is what if, as happened in Sweden, a refugee commits a crime or even expresses an ‘ungrateful’ sentiment. People are very fickle. And sometimes people in difficult circumstances are at the end of their patience and might not express themselves in […]

Keeping things in Perspective…

Just deleted my first hate mail/comment just now. It feels so weird to think that someone would be so irate that he’d take the time and energy to leave a hate-filled comment on a blog like mine. In a way though, I kind of see it as a bit of a triumph. What did Gandhi […]


Some times you’re so busy just trying to write the next book that you forget that your work is out there in the world. Someone might be reading it even as I’m writing this and it’s having an impact. Insha Allah it’s having an impact. It’s not like I haven’t received fan mail over the […]

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“I’ll forgive you Donald Trump…”

“…if you forgive me ISIS.” This is a sentence I wrote to a friend of mine Brent Olsen (a former pig farmer) who writes a fabulous column called Independently Speaking. I’ve known him for decades. After reading his Christmas and New Year columns, I felt a lot more hopeful! That’s what Brent does. He can […]

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