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Little victories…

Maybe it helps that I do believe that everything I do, and everywhere I am, I am meant to be doing or being in that specific moment in time. There’s no such thing as no impact. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there are times I wish more people would take advantage of […]

Alhamdu lillah, this is the second week of the Artist in the Library residency. I’m feeling a little better about the refugee situation. As soon as possible, we’re going to be donating to some refugee camps in Jordan. We’re budgeting for about $500. (I wasn’t going to say the amount but hey, if it encourages […]

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I know I promised more posts about my trip to Spain and Portugal. I had it all planned out, I’d write about Don Quixote, that most famous of Spanish heroes and his faithful sidekick Sancho Panza, but life interrupted. It was funny. All during my time in Spain and Portugal, I was having such a […]


This is what I wrote in the little journal I took with me on the trip: Subhan Allah, what an amazing trip it’s been. I guess places have different associations in your mind. In terms of Portugal I kept thinking of this delicate Portuguese storyteller I met in Iran, who blew everyone away with the […]

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