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Back from the Maritimes…

Subhan Allah, the physical beauty of the country I call home, takes my breath away at times. A few days after the whirlwind that was Eid, I left on a week vacation with my son. We went on a bus tour of the Maritimes. The Maritimes is the far eastern region of Canada with a […]

Eid 2015

I can’t believe Ramadan is almost over. In about four hours we will begin celebrating Eid ul Fitr (the celebration of charity (fitr)) I’ve been working for weeks getting the house and all the FOOD ready! Omigosh, the freezer is bursting at the seams, and I had to remove the vegetable drawer to make room […]

Ramadan two-thirds gone…

It’s so weird to have something so consume your daily attention and be so completely oblivious to the world at large. Here I am, in the midst of preparations, this year it’s our turn to host Eid and the logistics of doing that are tough to say the least! But one day at a time, […]

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