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So this year I went back to my favourite version of the Quran–the A. Yusuf Ali translation. It’s the translation I grew up with, with the Arabic Quran (the actual Quran is in Arabic–the English is always a translation!) on the right side of the page and the English translation with its attempts at Olde […]

Into the stretch…

We’re well into the last ten days of Ramadan, more like the last week of it in fact, and yup, I’m wondering where the month went! It flew right by! And now the work in earnest begins. Nobody knows the importance of tradition and celebrating your festivals as much as a kid growing up poor […]

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Half way through already!

Subhan Allah, the time goes so fast! I’m down here typing this blog post while I wait for the time to break my fast. Got about half an hour left and I’m feeling pretty good alhamdu lillah. Went by one of my daughters and my grandkiddies were all there. After giving me a big hug, […]

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One Week Down…

I went to an iftar dinner on Saturday night. Funny how the topic of weight loss so often comes up during Ramadan. You’d think with the long days and the not eating that you’d lose a lot of weight during Ramadan. In fact some people gain. All the fancy dinner parties. At this party on […]