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Dealing with Negative reviews…

Sooner or later every author will receive a negative review. There’s a saying out there that no matter what you do, 10% of people will disagree with it. I wonder if they’re just ornery or something. In hindsight, I’m really really grateful that the first review I ever received was a total pan! It was […]

What a year it’s been!

I meant to shout out to any Christians reading this that I hoped they had a good holiday, but somehow in the busyness of the day I didn’t get a chance. I find the hub bub about whether to say Merry Christmas, vs Happy Holidays really interesting. I think it should be very simple. If […]

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‘Tis the season…

for schmoozing! When I was thinking of writing this blog, I had to smile, remembering back to when I first started out in this field. I’d get so nervous going to any sort of writer type party where I’d be meeting the ‘movers and shakers’. I’d think strategy. How to get the ‘most’ out of […]

“I’d rather hurt you honestly…

than mislead you with a lie” Many years ago, I heard a beautiful ballad on the radio called “Sometimes When We Touch…” and it was that particular line that really struck home with me. Oh the love stuff was nice, but at the time it kind of made me squirm, a bit too intimate. And […]

The Taj Mahal…and Sticker Shock!

This is going to be a long post! I have so much to tell to wind up my trip to India–but bear with me I think you might find it pretty funny! So I went to the Taj, straight from Delhi airport on Monday, Dec. 3rd. Our flight from Pune get delayed because the system […]

Delhi Belly in Pune…

So I guess the Delhi belly phenomenon took a while to hit me, because I didn’t get it till the second last day of this whirlwind tour, here in Pune. Delhi belly is basically vomiting and diarrhea. The runs, you name it. Started with a general feeling of queasiness yesterday morning, and by the time […]

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