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Creeping Entitlement…

It’s been weird over the last few days. Even while I’ve been nourishing my soul, I’ve been feeling a bit restless and impatient on the career front. That’s pretty normal during ‘wait’ mode. ‘Wait’ mode of course is when you’re waiting to hear and even though it’s supposed to get easier it never does. And […]

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“How’s your Ramadan going?”

My father asked me that question when I called him this afternoon, and immediately my face lit up and I said, “Alhamdu lillah! Just wonderful!” It’s always the case, you do kind of have mixed feelings as Ramadan approaches, you both dread it and welcome it, and once you actually get into the swing of […]

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Woohoo, back on line!

Spent the last few days ironing out some glitches because I was hacked. Me! As someone said to me, ‘I don’t get it. It’s not like you’re CNN or something!’ Um…thanks Got the first indication from a friend and then from, of all places, my Australian publisher! Not fun, but alhamdu lillah, it’s all part […]

The Beginning of Ramadan…

and the feeling’s good. It never fails. As Ramadan approaches, especially during the summer, I start to dread the long days, the thirst and the hunger, in that order, and the headachey feeling that I sometimes get when I’m trying to concentrate, or do some Eid shopping, and yet when Ramadan actually begins there’s actually […]

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I’ve finally launched the ebook version of my first novel. And I’ve uploaded a book talk for it that pretty much explains itself. Hope you like it!  

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I received this notice in several different languages from the organizers of the Kanoon festival that I attended last February in Tabriz, Iran. They asked me to spread the word. If you can’t read it, it says the festival is being held on the 14-15th of September, this year in Isfahan. Anyone interested should mail […]

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