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Got a tip!

Every once in a while you go to a special school where they just…GET you! Yesterday was just such a school. The flavour the school hearkened back to gentler times. The kids were sweet! Not jaded in the least! And the staff! They had scheduled a pot luck multicultural luncheon for the day I was […]

Rants and Regurgitations…

I feel like screaming everytime I hear someone describe the Boston marathon bombers as ‘devout’ Muslims. Devout Muslims don’t bomb anyone. It’s ridiculous! Just because a person attends a Friday prayer now and then, DOESN’T mean he’s devout! Omigosh, it’s like saying a guy shows up for mass so he’s a saint! And what’s with […]

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Not again!

On Monday night I got sick, and I’ve been drifting in and out of a muzzy-headed haze since then, but even in my fuzzy state I still saw the news of the bombing at the Boston marathon and the first thought that struck me was, “Not again!” Geez! A marathon??? C’mon! And the second thought […]

Ottawa again…

Drove up and oh, but the memories! I will forever associate this pretty little city with my older sister Bushra. I had planned on meeting a friend for dinner at 5 pm, none other than Sheema Khan, so I hastened to leave home at around 11 am yesterday and yet each little thing I did seemed […]

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Empowering Girls…

So yesterday I presented at an event called Sister2Sister and the whole experience was fascinating and yet left me feeling a little sad. These were grade eight girls from inner city schools, coming together to receive inspiring advice from women professionals in all kinds of fields: law, police, firefighters, construction/trades, government liasion, dance, boxing, singing […]

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When your body screams at you to slow down!

I have a theory. You can go and go and go and go and then eventually your body starts acting up in the hopes of getting your attention. I’m at that point right now. In the past it was always my neck and shoulders and then eventually my back. The pain would start with a […]

Farewell Sitka!

The last day of this tour was spent first with little anklebiters (the head start program children) reading them first Silly Chicken and then telling them my Big Red Lollipop story. It’s funny how the tone of my voice changes completely when I’m dealing with these tiny little children. Most of them are three or […]

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My Sitka Adventure!

After a day of four presentations, I certainly wasn’t expecting a boat ride out onto the bay. Kari Sagel, the librarian in charge of the Alaska Spirit of Reading program, asked me if I’d been able to go dog sledding or even snowmobiling in Barrow. Nope. Unfortunately neither of those opportunities arose. I wasn’t extraordinarily […]

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