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The Living Years…

I remember watching The Postman Always Rings Twice a while back with Lana Turner as Cora, and I can’t remember the name of the guy who played the drifter. It’s an interesting movie, very ‘sizzling’ if you know what I mean, but there’s one scene in particular I remember and that’s where the husband has […]

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The last time I went to this conference was years ago when they asked me to storytell for the kids. It was so long ago that one of my daughters joined me at the venue and then got annoyed with the audience because they were bouncing around instead of listening. She was only about thirteen […]

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My Big Red Lollipop video…

Hear ye, hear ye…Announcing the launch of my brand spanking new youtube channel! And what better way to launch it than a wonderful ‘freebie’! Apparently it’s quite normal NOT to like watching yourself on T.V. I feel it’s a bit of a learning experience to always go back and watch myself, see how I handled […]

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Mike Tyson said that. And a company called Busy Building Things immortalized the saying on a little plaque that sits above my desk even as I type this. I think it’s amazingly profound! It’s quite self explanatory, I guess. I mean, you make a plan, a strategy, and then you jump into the fray and […]

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Well, well, well, I guess I really did make an impression at that Singapore American School! I just received an email from one of the “Malaysian” Instructional aides I mentioned in one of my other blog posts! And I made a serious faux pas! I called them Malaysian! They’re born and bred and in Singapore! […]

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The end of a fantastic trip!!!

I think the best indication of how well this trip went was how many books the Singapore American School sold! They’ve had some wonderful authors in the past, some really nice names, but the head librarian of the intermediate school told me that they’d NEVER sold as many books as they had with me! And […]

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That’s what one kid said to me yesterday. She was in the grade five class and they’d actually come into the library to return books, but when their teachers hadn’t opted in for the Roses in my Carpets presentation, I decided to do an impromptu presentation for as many grade fives as I could fit […]

Saw a watch advertisement today with a cocky looking Daniel Craig standing there like a fortress, his arms crossed, saying this watch was the same one as the one the new James Bond wears. So… Does that mean if you buy it and wear it, you’ll have something in common with James Bond as played […]