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Finally I can say the good news…

Got permission from the powers that be, that I can finally release the good news that I’ve been clutching to my chest all summer long! Two things! Which should I say first? The local or the international??? Hmm. Let’s start local: The Toronto District School Board has chosen me along with some other authors (I’m […]

The Highway of Tears…

is a stretch of highway 16 that I drove between Prince Rupert and a small town called Terrace B.C. Actually it might be further, but I specifically remember that stretch of road. One of the most beautiful areas of North America, I bet. You can see pics of it here: Today they discovered one […]

The ‘new’ Muslim weddings: Oy Vey!

Went to a family wedding recently, my side…the wacky Pakistanis…and oh boy how weddings have changed!!! Decided I’d been the Prodigal Daughter/niece/Cousin whatever for too long, and thought, what the heck, and me and hubby went. The biggest issues I had to deal with my daughters’ weddings were mostly Islamic stuff: separation of the sexes, […]

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Movers and Shakers…Moi?

Today, for the very first time, I was described by someone, as a ‘mover and shaker’. LOL. And she meant it in the traditional sense of someone setting up meetings and making business deals happen! (as opposed to someone who just ‘shakes’ when they ‘move’) And wow, what a jarring thought it was, to think of myself […]

I was going to write a blog post about how as a Muslim, I try my best to counter all the negative images in the media by trying to uphold an example of what Islam really teaches us to be. I was going to talk about how hard it’s been growing up. How at first I […]

Along with two other diplomats in Benghazi. All because of a film that insulted the Prophet (peace be upon him). I can’t believe it! I’m absolutely shocked. It’s crazy. What would the Prophet (peace be upon him) say? To kill innocent people this way just because you’re outraged??? And ESPECIALLY diplomats!!! They didn’t do anything!!! […]

The Raid Redemption…

It’s been a long time since I wanted to watch a movie twice. Now that my daughters are all married and gone, and there’s just me and hubby and son, the estrogen factor is outnumbered by testosterone factors, two to one and that affects the type of movies we choose to watch. I really wanted […]

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Photos uploaded!

I’ve been slowly updating my website! It’s so hard for me (I’m a klutz at website stuff!) but I managed to do it, and finally finally, I put up the photos I took in England and in Malaysia. You can see them here: The captions are self-explanatory, and I tried to have some fun–often […]

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