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Daring to get a bit political…

Like everyone else, I’ve been watching news about the Aurora, Colorado cinema killings. Of course it’s shocking. Of course it’s apalling that a masked gunman could go into a theatre, lob a cannister of tear gas and then start shooting the people who’d arrived for a midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises, randomly. But is it surprising? […]

Easy peasy…sort of

I’ve got less than three hours to go on the fourth fast of Ramadan and my stomach hasn’t even grumbled yet. It’s really amazing how quickly the body gets used to the fasting. Yes, there’s a general feeling of tiredness during the day, but life has already adjusted and there’s a certain sense of rhythm […]

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Welcome Ramadan 2012…

Tonight is the first night of Ramadan and my heart is swelled with joy. Oh it’s going to be hard, I know. The fast starts at dawn, about 4:15 am and ends at sunset about 8:53 pm, that’s 16 hours and 38 minutes without eating or drinking or marital relations in the height of summer. Did it […]

Having it all…

Last Friday night my daughters came over and there was one of those moments–those double take moments–when you feel like your world has changed and it all started with a spilled glass of Cola (not even name-brand Coke)! One of my daughters had left it on the table where one of the grandkids could reach it, […]

Hoarders and death and washing windows…

I’ve been thinking about hoarders all day. How hoarders never clean their windows, because over the weekend that’s precisely what we did. Anyone who owns a house with older windows knows you have to wash out the sills and repaint them every so often. Hadn’t done it for a while, so just this last weekend […]

Happy July 4th!

I know I didn’t mention July 1st which is Canada Day, our day of ‘independence’ from Great Britain, (which occurred in 1867) but I happened upon a friend’s blog post and thought what better way to honour my American friends but by linking to his blog post. Mark Tiedemann is a science fiction writer from […]

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Oh the anxiety and the conceit!

Waiting…waiting…waiting! To hear from my agent about the hajj novel. I don’t know, that last revision really took it out of me. I feel like I’ve been wrung out like a dish rag and someone’s using me to sop up a spill. In the meantime I’ve been starting a new novel–began the first chapter today. […]

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