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Setting goals and cooking analogies

When we were first married, every end of December my hubby would ask me to write a list of short and long term goals. Short term was for the next year, long term was for the next five years. I never did get good at writing them down but that doesn’t mean I didn’t set […]

I confess, I’m not that surprised about the current broohaha in some circles over the loss of ‘Merry Christmas’ greetings. I suspect the majority is starting to feel under siege and they’re tired of political correctness. When I think of Christmas what is seared into my memory is the first grade teacher who insisted I write […]

Star sticking power…

I happen to be watching Dr. Phil today and he had on Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. Now normally, when they feature some celebrity, I tend to turn off the show, but something made me keep watching and as a result I had an epiphany of sorts. Now I’ve never heard of Nick Carter, […]

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Sometimes my daughters read my blog and they often tell me if I’ve crossed over any lines. It’s unfortunate that in written communication especially, it’s so easy to misconstrue tone and meaning to people’s words. I’ve stopped responding to people’s good news via email with a ‘Good for you’, because I figure it can so […]

It should ‘hurt’ a little…

Recently when I was invited overseas to do a tour and while in negotiations with the hosts, this phrase occurred to me, “it should hurt a little…”. It was in reference to the whole process of negotiation. Whenever you’re in the process of negotiation, there is ALWAYS give and take. When I was younger, omigosh, I […]

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends these days. First thing in the morning, I write my two pages of the new novel. Then when I’m done that, I’ve been coming down to my other computer and revising an old work of mine. Way back in 1999 I wrote my first novel Dahling if […]

Stonehenge and immigrant culture…

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I’ve been thinking further about my reaction to Stonehenge and there’s one thing that I neglected to mention and that is the influence my son in laws and other immigrants have had on me. I think having grown up in such a white bread neighborhood and really […]