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James Cameron and District 9

I had a very interesting evening. Took a moment away from organizing this British trip (my Mom’s decided to come along as well as my sister!) and watched Oprah’s show on visionaries. Here it’s on every Sunday night at 8 pm on OWN. Tonight was James Cameron, the guy who did Terminator, Titanic and Avatar. […]

Discipline and travel arrangements

During all the eight years I was working so hard to get published, there was only one major conference I paid to go to and that was being held at Harvard’s Law School. Oh I took lots of courses and workshops, but not that many really expensive conferences. It was called the Children’s Literature New England […]

Mental Mush…

Just got back from a resort up north where I attended the CODE conference. CODE stands for the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators. I got to go through my booking agency, and this year was different because through the Ontario Arts Council, which helps fund such initiatives, there was an artist subsidy that […]

Can’t sleep, so I thought I’d blog…

I’ve been watching Oprah’s Life Class the last week or so, it comes on twice in the day on her new network and a commercial came on for Shania Twain’s show “Why Not?” and she mentions how she lost her voice and her confidence etc. and she can’t figure out why. I wish I could […]

Woo hoo! Started a new Novel!

Have a vague idea of where it’s going but for now, I’m just enjoying listening to this girl spout off about herself. I should be working on a picture book, and I feel kind of guilty not doing so, but hey, this story was calling. It might have something to do with the fact that […]

I keep forgetting. Honestly, I’ll go most of the day completely unaware that I wear hijab, have brown skin, and otherwise look any different from anyone else and then suddenly something will bring me up short. I’ll see myself reflected in a shop window or someone will say something  like acknowledging how ‘tolerant’ they are […]

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The Irony of My Comments on David Cook…

I seem to have really ticked off a couple of people when I called David Cook a one-hit wonder. Guess it goes back to what your definition of a ‘hit’ is. I’d argue that a hit is a song or performance that is so POPULAR that you can make reference to it in casual conversation […]

Canada’s Got Talent and other shows…

I’ve been thinking of all these talent shows on the air these days. Of course it all started with American Idol. Then there was The Voice. Then America’s Got Talent, and now there’s X Factor. It’s a really good gig, if you think about it. But not for the participants! One of the things I […]

Considering Stand Up…

Last night I watched some special hosted by Russell Peters, that Indian comedian with the wasp name. He’s quite funny! And I saw a commercial for his hockey movie called Breakaway that actually makes me want to go see it! The special he was hosting was on comedy channel and for some reason last night […]