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Photos and frustration with charities!

I have to try to update my photo gallery more often! Problem is I do it so infrequently that each time I put together the web album, I have to relearn the process of posting it! Argh! In some ways it would be so much easier to just hand all the website maintenance over to […]

or…The ins and outs of marketing as I understand it. I think a lot of authors, when they’re just starting out, dream of making it big, being discovered through a sort of grass roots movement kind of thing. I know I did. There are people who make it fairly big that way, but the odds […]

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“Eastern Promises” and guest blogging…

Eastern Promises is a movie directed by David Cronenberg that focuses on the Russian mob. It’s about a girl who walks into a pharmacy with track marks all up her arms, then collapses in a pool of blood on the floor. The girl ends up dying in childbirth, but a neonatal hospital nurse Anna (her […]

A lesson not learned is doomed to be repeated…

Ever since I gave up my addiction to spider solitaire (shortly after I got back from L.A.) I’ve had to fill the void with something else, and what I’ve been filling it with is knowledge. I’ve been super curious about all kinds of stuff, reading LOTS of books mostly fiction and reading even more non-fiction […]

It’s ironic that I would feel like I’ve kind of ‘made it’ when I received my first hate email a little while back. My first thought was, “I must have done something right!” And my second thought was, “What if this person is right about me?” I have seen too many people delude themselves. These are […]

Good News!

In addition to being nominated for British Columbia’s Red Cedar award, Wanting Mor has also been nominated for Britain’s Muslim Writer’s Award! So now that means it’s received recognition in four different countries: Canada, the U.S., Singapore and now Britain! And it’s been nominated for and/or won about sixteen different awards! Masha Allah! It’s […]

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The day after Labour day…

and I’m ready to get back to labouring! I think I’ll cook some nice healthy vegetables! They were in short supply on Saturday. Somehow, in planning the menu for our Eid party I had forgotten a salad. One of my daughters scolded me for it. I told her there was spinach curry and banjaan (an […]

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*Hic* Oh dear!

Excuse me! I feel like I have a food hangover! There was a song I learned in kindergarten. It was about this boy whose gluttonish friend was coming over for tea. It went like this: The hungriest boy that I ever did see He goes by the name of Timothy Lee And this is the […]

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