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Mythbusters and Kill Bill

It probably wasn’t a good idea to watch mythbusters right before I watched Kill Bill (for the second time I think). The guys in Mythbusters had just busted a scene in Hellboy I or II where the demon protagonist punches an SUV on the front of the trunk and the car flips headlights over tail […]


On Saturday I drove out to Pearson Airport, to the Canada Customs agents in charge of luggage that comes in later, I guess, and finally got my luggage from my Hajj trip! Yippee! I feel like it’s closed the chapter on the whole experience. One thing I really learned from this…make sure you get a […]

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A good day!

You know that feeling when you get something you weren’t sure you could accomplish, done, and on time for a deadline? Well, I’ve been basking in that feeling all day. Finished my second screenplay for that animated series and the problem was I’d waited too long between the two to do them. This second episode […]

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Home Grown Talent

There is an inferiority complex operating in Canada. I’m sure people from other ethnicities experience it too. I remember in Singapore, talking to some very passionate people about children’s books, who’d turned to self-publishing because their books were considered too ‘regional’ to make it in a North American market (and if you want to be […]

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Mecca Fading…

Just when I thought the dreams of Mecca and Mina were over, I had another one last night. Me gathered with millions of others, sending my thoughts and prayers up to our Lord and Creator. Yesterday I took one of my daughters and her children down to visit my parents. It was my first post […]

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The Last Day of Hajj

This is the final installment of the journal I kept during Hajj, from Oct. 30 – Nov. 20th. I’ve transcribed it almost exactly as written, any recent thoughts are in parentheses. Nov. 18th cont’d There’s nothing like the feeling of throwing the last stone. I hefted it in my fingers, said, “Allahu Akbar” God is […]

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Hajj Post 8

I really have to stop crying about my mistake in Muzdalifa. One of my biggest problems is that when I do something boneheaded, I can’t stop thinking about it until it’s resolved. And how can this ever be resolved until I die and find out for sure whether my Hajj was accepted or not. As […]

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This is a continuation of the journal that I wrote while on Hajj Oct. 30-Nov. 20th. I’ve transcribed it as I originally wrote it. Any recent comments are in parentheses. Nov. 16th, The day after Arafat, oh, and it’s the Day of Eid ul Adha. I decided yesterday that I wouldn’t take from any of […]

Hajj Post 6–THE DAY OF ARAFAT!!!

This is a continuation of the journal I kept while on Hajj, from Oct. 30- Nov. 20th. Any remarks in parentheses are current comments. The day of Arafat IS the day of Hajj. Without staying in the plain of Arafat until sunset, you have not done Hajj, it’s that important! The name Arafat seems to […]

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Hajj Post 5

This is a continuation of the journal I kept while on Hajj. I’ve tried to transcribe the thoughts I wrote eactly as written. Any current interjections are in parantheses.  (The reason why I’m such a stickler in this regard is because I heard that L.M. Montgomery altered her journals after she wrote them, taking out […]