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Back from Singapore!!!

With SO much to tell, it’ll take me a month to really talk about the experience! I was sick as a dog on the flight over! Bronchitis, coughing, inhaler, you name it. I tried to get as much rest as I could but had a load of things to do before leaving, including baking about […]

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Less than ten hours till I’m on the road to Singapore. My friend Uma Krishnaswami told me that these people organizing the festival are FABULOUS! They take such good care of you and they’re so organized!!! I’m glad. Uma and I will be doing a session together on Thursday afternoon. I’m so looking forward to […]

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Preparing for Singapore…

The countdown is on for my trip to Singapore. I leave early on Tuesday and one thing kind of concerns me. This always happens when I’m invited to a big event overseas. It’s like an extra potent case of stage fright. Double or triple anything I get when going to a local school. It’s because […]

Feeling a tad overwhelmed…

It’s like there isn’t enough time in a day to do what needs doing. I finished up that presentation yesterday, and now I have two more days till I go to Singapore and a host of things that need doing. Sometimes I wish I had a secretary! Or a maid! I hate leaving the house […]

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