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I’ve been talking to a friend about confidence, and asking myself what really constitutes it. I think true confidence, as opposed to bravado, is linked to sincerity. It comes through like a tone in all your dealings. It can’t be faked, and in fact I think trying to fake confidence is a sure way of […]

What was I thinking?

I’m sorry for blogging about clearing my desk yesterday. When I began this blog I vowed never to blog nonsense. I was just so relieved to see so many projects like the travel grant and other various applications completed and neatly piled in a set of oversize envelopes that I succumbed to talking when I […]

Clearing my Desk…

The worst thing about last week was how behind I got on my correspondence and stuff. I know people have these glamorous ideas of what an author does, especially a children’s author. That we spend all day playing with puppets or something. Um…no. Actually after I write my two pages (if I’m working on a […]

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“A glass of Coke…

is the Muslim man’s beer”. My son said this as we sat down to watch a movie together. And the funny thing was I’d thought the same thing a few days earlier. With all the shows of Intervention I’d seen, with so many times the mother going to the cupboard and pouring gin in her […]

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Arts grants…

I am so glad this week is over. It was one of the most gruelling weeks I’ve ever had and now that it’s over I can say what I was doing going downtown everyday, 9:30 – 5 pm in a board room. I was on the Ontario Arts Council Artists in Education jury. I was […]

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Argh! Blocking the Doorway!

Day four in the office with the marathon sessions! We get forty-five minutes for lunch and two-five minute breaks! I use the one in the afternoon, at 2:30 to pray. The first day was great, there was an empty boardroom. I just popped in there, dropped my sweater on the floor and prayed. But ever […]

Getting Recognized…

I’ve still been going downtown everyday to work and get back by 6 pm. Tonight I met my hubby at a restaurant, it was one of those popular Chinese buffet restaurants with plenty of good food. While I was picking out some sushi, a lady came up to me, very hesitantly, told me she hated […]


Today I was expecting to hear about one of the awards that Wanting Mor was up for, specifically the IODE award, but instead I got some other good news. The Italian version of Wanting Mor, has just gone into its second printing, after being out less than six months! So, let’s see, that means this […]

How do they do it?

I had a 9 – 5  ‘job’ today. Actually it was 9:30 – 5, stuck in a meeting room all day, making decisions. How do people do it? I must remind myself to never complain about all the hassles that come my way and my work load. Sitting in a boardroom, where you can see […]

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What makes Art so hard?

I think it’s that each time you produce it, it has to be completely different, but just as good. In that way it’s a bit like winning the World Series. Once you’ve won, that doesn’t mean anything, you have to go out and do it again. And the way you do it, and the players […]

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