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I learned that today. Seems I was writing a serial. A serial is where the order of the episodes is important, where it’s a story continued. Think like a soap opera. A series is where each episode can stand on its own. Still learning, still working, and just when things look depressing, you get a […]

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And extra heavy on that action! Apparently we literary writers tend to let our characters just stand around and talk too much. Boring! That’s what I mean when I said in an earlier post that part of the learning curve when it comes to screen writing has been thinking in three and even four dimensions. […]

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Wuz up?

A lot! Haven’t blogged for a while because of so much happening! First of all, on Friday, my oldest daughter gave birth to my fourth grandchild, a little girl who’s the spitting image of her, when she was born more than a quarter century ago! I held the wee thing yesterday when we went over […]

The Rhythm of Ramadan

They say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. So far it’s only been fourteen, half the month. Usually by this time I’m in a set routine and I don’t even feel the fast. Not one tummy grumble all day, but that hasn’t happened this year. Maybe I’m eating too many refined carbohydrates […]

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A week gone already

I was going to talk about some advice I gave to a friend of mine. I wrote him an email and even as I was composing it, I was thinking I should add this to my blog because a lot of people might find it handy. He’s in film and media, completely different field but […]

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Got a bit of a nudge from a friend, wondering if I’d lost interest in blogging. On the contrary. I find I have so many thoughts that I’d like to ruminate about that it’s hard to pick one or two of them to blog about. Plus I’ve been quite busy. My house is looking fairly […]

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Intimidating praise

Getting recognized and applauded for your work is usually a great encourager to do even better, but sometimes it can have the opposite effect. Like right now, I’m wrestling with a comment that my host in Bologne, Silvia Raddicioni made to me. We were having pasta for lunch at that little restaurant called Eataly, with […]

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Watching ‘Oscar’ movies

I started watching “Lost in Translation” with Bill Murray only because it had oscar buzz a few years ago. I think I remember hearing someone say that he’d really pushed the envelope, blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah is right. I mean this is what’s getting up for oscars? Am I disconnected or something? I […]

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A while back I wrote a post about the scene in Sixth Sense where Haley Joel Osment was such a good actor because he could allow his nose to run without wiping it. Well, apparently that didn’t happen in the scene. I watched and watched and finally got to that scene and looked for the […]

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Insomnia and stuff

Not sure why for the last couple of nights I haven’t been able to sleep well. That usually happens when I’ve got to get up early in the morning. Not the case now! I can get up when I want and yet still I find my eyes opening around 7 am. after a rough and […]

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