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I’ve been burning the candle at both ends these days. First thing in the morning, I write my two pages of the new novel. Then when I’m done that, I’ve been coming down to my other computer and revising an old work of mine. Way back in 1999 I wrote my first novel Dahling if […]

Stonehenge and immigrant culture…

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I’ve been thinking further about my reaction to Stonehenge and there’s one thing that I neglected to mention and that is the influence my son in laws and other immigrants have had on me. I think having grown up in such a white bread neighborhood and really […]

I started writing this on Sunday night. Tonight on Oprah’s visionaries was talking. If you’re not sure who he is, you’re not alone. I’d heard his name, but didn’t realize he’s one of the co-founders of the group Black-eyed Peas. The first half of the show was just him spouting off about how tickled […]

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Mental Mush…

Just got back from a resort up north where I attended the CODE conference. CODE stands for the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators. I got to go through my booking agency, and this year was different because through the Ontario Arts Council, which helps fund such initiatives, there was an artist subsidy that […]

Woo hoo! Started a new Novel!

Have a vague idea of where it’s going but for now, I’m just enjoying listening to this girl spout off about herself. I should be working on a picture book, and I feel kind of guilty not doing so, but hey, this story was calling. It might have something to do with the fact that […]

The Irony of My Comments on David Cook…

I seem to have really ticked off a couple of people when I called David Cook a one-hit wonder. Guess it goes back to what your definition of a ‘hit’ is. I’d argue that a hit is a song or performance that is so POPULAR that you can make reference to it in casual conversation […]

Canada’s Got Talent and other shows…

I’ve been thinking of all these talent shows on the air these days. Of course it all started with American Idol. Then there was The Voice. Then America’s Got Talent, and now there’s X Factor. It’s a really good gig, if you think about it. But not for the participants! One of the things I […]

or…The ins and outs of marketing as I understand it. I think a lot of authors, when they’re just starting out, dream of making it big, being discovered through a sort of grass roots movement kind of thing. I know I did. There are people who make it fairly big that way, but the odds […]

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Good News!

In addition to being nominated for British Columbia’s Red Cedar award, Wanting Mor has also been nominated for Britain’s Muslim Writer’s Award! So now that means it’s received recognition in four different countries: Canada, the U.S., Singapore and now Britain! And it’s been nominated for and/or won about sixteen different awards! Masha Allah! It’s […]

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The day after Labour day…

and I’m ready to get back to labouring! I think I’ll cook some nice healthy vegetables! They were in short supply on Saturday. Somehow, in planning the menu for our Eid party I had forgotten a salad. One of my daughters scolded me for it. I told her there was spinach curry and banjaan (an […]

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