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A few years ago when Jon Stewart was hosting the Academy awards, the African American group that won for best song/score started jumping around at the announcement. Up till that point, Jon was uncharacteristically subdued and not his usual irreverent self. But at this show of raw emotion, he perked up and said something about how […]

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And what an experience. I’m starting to hate the travel that’s involved. I’m starting to dread packing and going to the airport…especially during summertime when I’m supposed to have some time to myself. But I’ve learned not to grumble because everytime I think this will be a lot of work, I end up having a great […]

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I must be crazy…

I just finished watching CNN’s documentary special with Soledad O’Brien Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door. And the kinds of things these people were saying about Islam and Muslims, oh my gosh! In it there was a court case, probably in Tennessee but I’m not sure, where the people were arguing about whether Islam was even a […]

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Hello from Sudbury!

One thing I was looking forward to was the drive up to Sudbury! I think long car rides are akin to taking babies for walks in strollers, only on an adult level. It’s always nice to see new scenery, and I haven’t seen  Northern Ontario for quite some time. Just past Barrie you start seeing […]

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Cinderella man

I’m not much of a fan of boxing movies. I watched Rocky. Winced when they cut his eyelids so he could see! And cheered when he won. That’s basically what most boxing movies seem to be about. A guy who beats the odds, pardon the pun. And yet Cinderella Man with Russell Crowe and Renee […]

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Kung Fu Panda and Kill Bill 2

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe 2010 is gone! What a year it was!!! Last night while hubby was unwrapping the new sofas for our living room, he told me to put the second part of Kill Bill on. I said, “You really want to watch it?!” He said, “Yeah, sure, why not. It’ll […]

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The director of a day camp said this to me as I was leaving. It’s one of the best compliments to storytelling skill there is. It’s absolutely thrilling ot hear them moan, “Oh my butt fell asleep” or “My legs hurt” (from sitting still too long). It means they were so captivated they forgot to […]

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Back ‘home’…

I’m staying back at my parent’s house, ‘home’, the house I grew up in and yet it doesn’t feel like ‘home’ to me at all. This last month has been crazy, living out of a suitcase, hardly seeing my own family. My mom’s doing better. Today she forgot her walker behind a couple of times […]

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Newbie mistakes

Sometimes, when I dwell on it, I can’t help cringing about the way I behaved when I was first starting out. And sometimes, when I’m feeling generous, I don’t even blame that instructor for asking me to leave that writing workshop I’d paid to join. I made all the typical newbie mistakes. Probably every single […]

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It went so well!!!

Today I had the radio interview with Shelagh Rogers and it went better than it ever has. Usually I’m so nervous, and I was, even when I sat down in front of the microphone, at the seat pushed up to a round table. There were posters on the walls and a miniature model of the Rogers […]