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Guess it’s official…

I’m going to Iran to be a juror for their 16th annual Storytelling Festival. It’s funny how it happened. Came back from Singapore in December thinking of all the stuff that’s on my plate till the ‘next’ trip which was supposed to be in March, first to Texas for a day at a school down […]

My Big Red Lollipop video…

Hear ye, hear ye…Announcing the launch of my brand spanking new youtube channel! And what better way to launch it than a wonderful ‘freebie’! Apparently it’s quite normal NOT to like watching yourself on T.V. I feel it’s a bit of a learning experience to always go back and watch myself, see how I handled […]

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That’s what one kid said to me yesterday. She was in the grade five class and they’d actually come into the library to return books, but when their teachers hadn’t opted in for the Roses in my Carpets presentation, I decided to do an impromptu presentation for as many grade fives as I could fit […]

Asthaghfirullah! I can’t believe Arab Muslims would have said that to my hosts, librarians who spent some time in Arabia. My hosts are amazing! They won’t even let me lug my presentation case up the stairs! She insists on carrying it for me. We were having a conversation this afternoon, and the inconsistency of Muslims […]

Yellow Mountain, China

There are four ‘symbols’ of China: the Yangtze River, The Great Wall, The Forbidden City and Yellow Mountain. It was originally called Black mountain because of the colour of the rocks, but the name was changed to Yellow Mountain Huang Shan (Huang=yellow, Shan=mountain) in honour of the Emperor. If you’ve ever seen those painted scrolls […]

Shanghai Journal–Nanjing

Before I transcribe my next installment of my Shanghai journal, I just want to say HAAAA! The Yankees got SWEPT! Blown away! By the Detroit Tigers in four games! Oh how I laughed when that smug-faced A-Rod grounded out in the ninth inning! He’d worked the count 3 and 1, he knew he could only […]

AFCC all wrapped up!

Last night we had the final keynote address from Leonard Marcus, a noted expert in children’s literature, and its history and a biographer of some of the greatest names in child lit! Started writing this post at the Hong Kong airport, and now that I’m back home, safe and sound, I can finish it. Ooh, […]

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Someone told me that Singapore is a little island of prosperity in an area of the world that is struggling, and I think I know why. For the longest while, I’ve suspected that it was vision and innovation that made America become the superpower it is. You get a sense of that here in Singapore […]

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Heat and Singapore schools…

The problem with being right on the equator, surrounded by water, is that the humidity is just gruelling. I went to a school yesterday and the librarian informed me of how the body adapts. She said, “You just wait, in six months of this heat your body would have made some physiological changes, and your […]

My Kuala Lumpur Teksi adventure…

My third day in Kuala Lumpur and where do I begin? Went to visit a publisher this morning. Kuala Lumpur has quite the train system. Apparently most people rely on the trains to get across the city. Problem is the signs are in Malay, and I don’t read Malay. I’m informed that there are signs […]