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Getting ready for Malaysia!

I’m heading off to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow evening. Very excited! My second time going there, and I was sad to leave the last time. I’m going to be doing a session at the Comel -The Magic of Picture Books conference. Malaysia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! And so friendly! Last […]


Some times you’re so busy just trying to write the next book that you forget that your work is out there in the world. Someone might be reading it even as I’m writing this and it’s having an impact. Insha Allah it’s having an impact. It’s not like I haven’t received fan mail over the […]

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Back from the Maritimes…

Subhan Allah, the physical beauty of the country I call home, takes my breath away at times. A few days after the whirlwind that was Eid, I left on a week vacation with my son. We went on a bus tour of the Maritimes. The Maritimes is the far eastern region of Canada with a […]

Being ‘remarkable’

Came across an interesting Ted Talk. I ended up reading the transcript instead of watching it. I find I often get more from reading something than listening to it. It was actually about marketability and it said what a lot of people are saying these days, that in order to get noticed in this day […]

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“I’d rather hurt you honestly…

than mislead you with a lie” Many years ago, I heard a beautiful ballad on the radio called “Sometimes When We Touch…” and it was that particular line that really struck home with me. Oh the love stuff was nice, but at the time it kind of made me squirm, a bit too intimate. And […]

Oops…the Bigger they are…

…the harder they fall! I guess. Anyway, in light of this new video that’s surfaced of Rob Ford threatening someone while he’s stinking drunk…um… forget what I said about voting for him again. The guy’s a loose cannon, and taking the metaphor to it’s limit–he’s rolling all over the poop deck with a lit fuse […]

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I simply love hearing and learning about other artists’ and authors’ creative process! When Christiane contacted me after she’d finished the artwork for my new book King for a Day, I called her up and we talked on the phone and as we were talking I thought, hey, this would make a fantastic blog post or page on my […]

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When your body screams at you to slow down!

I have a theory. You can go and go and go and go and then eventually your body starts acting up in the hopes of getting your attention. I’m at that point right now. In the past it was always my neck and shoulders and then eventually my back. The pain would start with a […]

Being an Inuit in my igloo in Barrow…

Received a bit of an education today. Ever since I heard that the term ‘eskimo’ is a derogatory term I’ve been mostly using the word ‘inuit’ to describe the first nations people up here in the Arctic. And I just found out today that ‘inuit’ just means ‘the people’ in the Inupiat language. And oh, […]

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Blogging from the Toronto Airport

Got nothing better to do, so why not? Funny how I get more time to blog when I’m traveling than any other time. I feel so darn frustrated with Obama. I had such high hopes. And yet I kind of get why he had to sell out. He once said something like the Palestinian people […]