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Watching ‘Oscar’ movies

I started watching “Lost in Translation” with Bill Murray only because it had oscar buzz a few years ago. I think I remember hearing someone say that he’d really pushed the envelope, blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah is right. I mean this is what’s getting up for oscars? Am I disconnected or something? I […]

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There was a famous commercial of a woman all made up, dancing to this music and a woman’s voice singing: I can bring home the bacon Fry it up in a pan And never ever let you forget you’re a ma-a-a-n… And at first glance it seems very empowering, to see this woman who can […]


On Saturday I was down at the Lattitudes Festival in Kitchener, Waterloo. They invite me practically every year since they started and the crowd that comes to gather and hear stories is definitely getting bigger! It was raining hard on Saturday. When I got to the little island in the middle of Victoria park, I […]

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Putting the ‘grunt’ in immi’grunt’…

I know it’s not spelled ‘immigrunt’ but today I felt like a real ‘immigrunt’, not an immigrant. I just had one of those days when everything stupid you could possibly do, gets done. It started with Friday, when I went to a school to drop off eleven books some kids had bought. The librarian had […]

Grudging respect…

I started some of my Eid shopping early. Went to one of those big warehouses that have discount toys and books. The toys don’t interest me much, but the books… I picked up a classic Pride & Prejudice for that niece of mine who was struggling through Wuthering Heights. And I picked up some books […]

The Story Behind a Story…

I feel like a bit of a fraud when it comes to taking credit for Big Red Lollipop. I was just reviewed by Betsy Bird, one of the top bloggers in the blogosphere and she said such lovely things about Big Red Lollipop, and yet it’s left me squirming. For the longest while I used […]

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Singapore and Asian Commercials…

There are a lot of Chinese malls around here, and my daughters, who all wear niqab, have often gone into them to go shopping. Surprisingly they said that the feeling they get walking around in Chinese malls is nothing like what they get in ordinary shopping centres. The Chinese people completely, hmm, I don’t know […]

Back from Singapore!!!

With SO much to tell, it’ll take me a month to really talk about the experience! I was sick as a dog on the flight over! Bronchitis, coughing, inhaler, you name it. I tried to get as much rest as I could but had a load of things to do before leaving, including baking about […]

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Preparing for Singapore…

The countdown is on for my trip to Singapore. I leave early on Tuesday and one thing kind of concerns me. This always happens when I’m invited to a big event overseas. It’s like an extra potent case of stage fright. Double or triple anything I get when going to a local school. It’s because […]

Cheeky little beggar!

Today I went to a school about half an hour outside Toronto and presented ESL to Author to a group of grades six, seven and eights. ESL stands for English as a Second Language. Basically I talked about how I was an ESL student when I first arrived in Canada. For me to become an […]