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Home Grown Talent

There is an inferiority complex operating in Canada. I’m sure people from other ethnicities experience it too. I remember in Singapore, talking to some very passionate people about children’s books, who’d turned to self-publishing because their books were considered too ‘regional’ to make it in a North American market (and if you want to be […]

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Hajj third post

This is the third post of my Hajj journal. I’ve tried to inscribe it exactly as I wrote it. Any current thoughts are in parantheses. Nov. 7 – 10, 2010 We arrived in Medina after a gruelling journey. When I came for umrah with my parents two years ago, going from Mecca to Medina was a quick […]

Thinking about a New Project

All this talk about bullying has me thinking. At first I thought I’d write a book, a non-fiction book, kind of a how-to guide for all those geeky nerdy bullied kids that remind me of myself when I was growing up. But then I thought what kid would pick up a book like that? It would […]

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Back from travels and presentations

I went up to Ottawa on Monday. It was another beautiful fall day. Did I mention that fall is my favourite season? And yet it was bittersweet. So many memories! There’s a picture in our old family albums of me and my sisters and brother, at the picnic area on the shores of Silver Lake. I […]

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A Lovely Fall day and an uncomfortable question

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and a fall tradition with my family has always been to go on the studio tour up in the Haliburton Highlands. It’s a region of middle Ontario that is known for it’s spectacular fall colours and protuding bits of the Canadian shield. (I can’t even say it’s in Northern Ontario because it’s only […]

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Going Back to ‘school’…

Today I did a presentation at Seneca College, Newnham campus, to a group of students in a children’s literature class. That wouldn’t be very significant except that in 1980-1982 around, I went to Seneca College, at that same campus, to study what I thought would be my life’s career: biological chemical technology. To say that […]

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Under-rated Movies

I saw Life last night with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Even with shades of Shawshank redemption, it’s a gem of a little movie. And even with Murphy doing his old fast-talking-bad-mouthing schtick that’s getting pretty old, I really enjoyed it. But I couldn’t help wondering why I’d never heard of it. Was it because […]

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A bit of breathing room…

Okay, I sent off the first instalment of the BIG project and I’ve got time now to catch my breath. Not much time, mind you, but a little bit of time in order to catch up on emails, bake some pineapple tarts, clean the house, get it ready for my niece who’s planning to come […]

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Sometimes I would wonder why I was ‘friends’ with a pig farmer. Actually the bottom fell out of the hog market a while back and Brent Olson a down-to-earth-no-nonsense-farmer-turned-writer from Minnesota turned instead to crop farming. I’ve never had the pleasure of actually meeting him, but then these days that doesn’t seem to be a […]

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Watching ‘Oscar’ movies

I started watching “Lost in Translation” with Bill Murray only because it had oscar buzz a few years ago. I think I remember hearing someone say that he’d really pushed the envelope, blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah is right. I mean this is what’s getting up for oscars? Am I disconnected or something? I […]

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