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doesn’t mean that I’m NOT Canadian!!!! Read a stupid headline in the Toronto Star that really ticked me off! It said that are Canadians who wear religious head gear less ‘Canadian’??? Omigosh! What does a scarf on my head have to do with my ‘Canadian-ness’. Or American-ness, Or British-ness, for that matter??? I guess I’ve […]

Lonely at the top…

I guess it takes rejoining Facebook to realize that I’ve lost four friends over the years–one Muslim, one Jewish and two Christian. How very egalitarian of me! I’m not sure what I did. No, I must be honest. In one of the situations I know exactly what I did! I made the mistake of telling the person […]

I simply love hearing and learning about other artists’ and authors’ creative process! When Christiane contacted me after she’d finished the artwork for my new book King for a Day, I called her up and we talked on the phone and as we were talking I thought, hey, this would make a fantastic blog post or page on my […]

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Ramadan Moment Sublime…

Last night I stayed up and read Quran, trying, trying to reach my goal of finishing the English translation in the month of Ramadan. I have part of today and tomorrow left to read 12 out of 30 sections. I’m not sure if I’ll make it, but somehow it doesn’t seem to matter, because last […]

Creeping Entitlement…

It’s been weird over the last few days. Even while I’ve been nourishing my soul, I’ve been feeling a bit restless and impatient on the career front. That’s pretty normal during ‘wait’ mode. ‘Wait’ mode of course is when you’re waiting to hear and even though it’s supposed to get easier it never does. And […]

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“How’s your Ramadan going?”

My father asked me that question when I called him this afternoon, and immediately my face lit up and I said, “Alhamdu lillah! Just wonderful!” It’s always the case, you do kind of have mixed feelings as Ramadan approaches, you both dread it and welcome it, and once you actually get into the swing of […]

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Woohoo, back on line!

Spent the last few days ironing out some glitches because I was hacked. Me! As someone said to me, ‘I don’t get it. It’s not like you’re CNN or something!’ Um…thanks Got the first indication from a friend and then from, of all places, my Australian publisher! Not fun, but alhamdu lillah, it’s all part […]

I’ve finally launched the ebook version of my first novel. And I’ve uploaded a book talk for it that pretty much explains itself. Hope you like it!  

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One more presentation left…

Phew! What a year it’s been. I’m exhausted! Doesn’t help that I started a new diet this week. I’ve been struggling along on limited rations, and it’s affected my speech patterns I swear! But then anything can affect your speech patterns. Lack of sleep, distractions like noisy special needs kids, all kinds of things can […]

Omigosh! Today I was invited to do some entertaining at the Islamic Society of North America (Canada) conference. So I dragged myself down to Mississauga. Before my gig in the children’s program I took a breath and went through the bazaar and the weirdest thing! I met Farkhanda! I’d been thinking of her for ages! […]