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The Taj Mahal…and Sticker Shock!

This is going to be a long post! I have so much to tell to wind up my trip to India–but bear with me I think you might find it pretty funny! So I went to the Taj, straight from Delhi airport on Monday, Dec. 3rd. Our flight from Pune get delayed because the system […]

Today was supposed to be an in and out trip. Came into Amritsar at about 10 am, did three major presentations and two journalist interviews, and I was supposed to be out on the 8:45 pm flight. Only it got cancelled, so I’m stuck here, and my flight leaves at 3 am, back to Delhi […]

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I think it’s a few minutes past 9 pm and I’m beat. Just thinking of the schedule ahead is making me seriously reconsider my sanity in saying yes. Bangalore was amazing. Or I should say the people were amazing because I actually didn’t get to ‘see’ that much of the place. Oh, I spoke to […]

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is as hot and steamy as Delhi was cool and dry! It’s been a whirlwind to say the least! Got in yesterday morning, met with the people picking me up without incident, yay!!! And took a bumpy ride into the city. People had told me that Bangalore airport is about 2 hours outside the city, […]

Feeling all flustered and unsettled…

after a visit to the Indian consulate last Monday! Gee, I’m writing this Sunday night and I’m still not over the experience! I wonder if I’m suffering a form of PTSD–and I mean no disrespect to those who actually have it. I’m just being a bit facetious. I have a bunch of elderly people in […]

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Understanding the Middle East…

One of the most depressing thing you can do is go to the comments section of any article about something happening in a Muslim country. Now I get that the internet offers a modicum of anonymity that isn’t available in everyday life and that very very few people would actually utter these racist horrible remarks […]

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I’ve finally launched the ebook version of my first novel. And I’ve uploaded a book talk for it that pretty much explains itself. Hope you like it!  

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Gran Torino…

is a film produced by Clint Eastwood that doesn’t seem to have garnered the attention I think it deserved. It really is a gem of a little movie! I love that it takes its time to storytell, for us to get to know the characters. Clint is fabulous as this racist old curmudgeon. In fact […]

Got a tip!

Every once in a while you go to a special school where they just…GET you! Yesterday was just such a school. The flavour the school hearkened back to gentler times. The kids were sweet! Not jaded in the least! And the staff! They had scheduled a pot luck multicultural luncheon for the day I was […]

Not again!

On Monday night I got sick, and I’ve been drifting in and out of a muzzy-headed haze since then, but even in my fuzzy state I still saw the news of the bombing at the Boston marathon and the first thought that struck me was, “Not again!” Geez! A marathon??? C’mon! And the second thought […]