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I think the most charming situation I’ve ever encountered has to do with people trying to outdo each other in politeness! I mean talk about rivalry! That’s something to strive for! I went to a school recently, they were having a multicultural festival and I guess I was part of it. At the beginning, when […]

Just got back from three days presenting in Kingston, Ontario, and I’m feeling a good kind of tired. It’s the kind of tired when you know you’ve given it your all, and you have high hopes that you changed a few minds and did some good. I visited six schools, in three days, did eight […]

Sensitive times…

I recently had an experience that really gave me quite a jolt. With it being Black History month I came across an image of a woman who was lynched (hanged) and what had happened to her. This was less than a hundred years ago, and it got me thinking about my own growing up in […]

Dealing with Different Cultures…

I recently received an email from a person in Australia asking about a specific unpleasant incident she’d had with a Muslim couple. What was the protocol? Ever since I wrote an article on my website about Muslim Etiquette and Shaking Hands I often receive queries about people using the article in dealing with Muslim newcomers, […]

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Last night I was shocked to hear about the attack at the masjid in Quebec city. Apparently two gunmen went into a masjid during Isha prayers (around 8 pm) and opened fire using automatic weapons. So far six people have died. Others are still in critical condition. And this happened after a weekend of protests […]

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Did anyone else notice…

That terrorist attacks have become less shocking recently? When I heard about the Berlin Christmas market attack on Monday, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh no!’, the second think I thought was ironically, it had been a while. Like it was almost expected one would come. And the third thing I wondered was how […]

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for perspective! I think I mentioned how I feel like I’m going through a real learning phase! Visited a school recently where I spoke to grade sixes about growing up in Dundas and afterward a lady came up to me. She asked which school I went to and I told her Dundana and she she […]

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I was invited to be a panelist on TVO’s flagship current affairs program called The Agenda with Steve Paikin. I was on a panel with Sadaf Ahsan a web editor with The National Post, Shaine Jackson, a native artist from B.C. and Andrew Cohen a professor of journalism at Carleton University and a fellow author […]

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I remember hearing on Dr. Phil that when a person shows anger they’re actually at their weakest. And that anger and sadness are often symptoms of a more basic emotion: fear. I don’t know about all that, I just know that I often have to balance how much news of the world’s events I take […]

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