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Espanola and Manitoulin Island

I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging till I got back, but it’s kind of surprising how much time you have when you don’t have to do any housework! So I’ve actually been thinking of sharing my thoughts while I’m away. The last few weeks, I’ve been honestly too busy at home to think […]

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Back from Sudbury

Sometimes it amazes me what a body can put up with. Fifteen presentations in five days at ten different schools across an expanse of area that probably covered about a hundred and fifty kilometres. And on top of it all my GPS was moody. Sometimes when I needed it the most, it decided to stop […]

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When I first started publishing I believed that getting the novel out there was the most important thing. Then I thought I could create a sort of grass roots movement to buoy my efforts. Haven’t we heard of people who got successful doing this kind of thing? Christopher Paolini self-published his book Eragon didn’t he? […]

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Just got back from Calgary last night/early morning. Actually the plane landed at 12:30 am. Didn’t get home till past one. I had to do two presentations in two libraries in Calgary. It’s always fun to meet librarians, but this time was particularly a pleasure because a teacher at a private school in Calgary, who’d […]

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The Charlotte Zolotow Award

In my excitement, I had forgotten about all the political protests that are wracking the state of Wisconsin and especially the capital Madison, where I went to collect my award! On Saturday they were expecting a hundred thousand people to march on state legislature, a white building with a cupola that looked a bit like […]

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Keeping the plates spinning…

Ever see the circus performer spinning plates on the end of sticks? I feel like that. There was one in particular I saw, who actually had a kind of rack with different plates spinning on top, and while he set up other aspects of his performance, he’d go back and give a plate that was […]

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It’s official!

They sent out the press release and now I can say that I’ve won the GOLDEN KITE award for picture book text!!!! The news has literally left me numb. I’ve been numb since Wednesday evening, when I first found out. This morning I woke up and thought, “Wow, I really did win the Golden Kite […]

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Note to Self…

If you want to avoid future disaster, make sure you READ the dates of the presentations you’re supposed to go to accurately! Omigosh, I am such a chucklehead! I almost gave a teacher librarian a heart attack with my carelessness. It clearly said Wednesday February 23rd on the booking notice. I clearly wrote it down under […]

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The hype around Skype

Did my first skype presentation the other day and while it will never replace being there in person, it went very well indeed, and is definitely something most authors should consider offering. I had read some advice on skype visits that included look into the camera, not at your screen, to maximixe effectiveness. I had […]

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The Canscaip Presentation

Well, well, well, it seems as though I didn’t over prepare! I think I actually spoke for about an hour. I’m embarrassed really! I felt so totally surprised when after forty minutes I was allowed to go on, and on, and on. My hubby would have said I was babbling, but then he’s got extremely […]

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