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I just finished the third revision of the Hajj novel. I think it’s pretty much done–or I should say I HOPE it’s pretty much done. Won’t know till I polish it up and send it off to my agent and I hear back. But one good sign, the book made me cry when I got […]

Stumbling over a Hump…

The end is in sight. These last weeks have been insanely busy. But of all the days I was dreading, today topped the list. I had to shoot my storytelling DVD’s today. My anxiety levels have gone through the roof! It was SO outside my comfort zone–it aint funny! But alhamdu lillah, it’s done. Two storytelling […]

Unveil the Fun with Muslim Women…

was an event I presented at today. Sometimes I wonder if it was wise agreeing to presentations so soon after a long trip, but I think there’s always something in the back of my mind that’s afraid I’ll never get another paid gig–that perhaps all this is too good to be true, or something, so […]

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One of the biggest challenges I face is going into a venue and trying to explain the Muslim perspective to people who think completely differently. It’s never easy, and I’m not complaining, it’s just a challenge that has landed on my plate for whatever reason. I do the best I can, but it can get […]

Got an email a few days ago from MASC, the administrative body that arranged my mini tour of Ottawa schools. Apparently the kids at one of the schools had been so intrigued by my Roses in My Carpets  presentation that they’d entirely skipped recess to gather around me! They SKIPPED their RECESS!!!! The fifteen minutes […]

I was feeling restless tonight. Walking on the treadmill, doing my 5 K, the normal TV shows held no appeal for me. And then I came upon a documentary of a guy traveling the Ganges river. Why do I need to know about the Ganges? I actually don’t. But I’m incurably curious. Always have been. […]

When I was growing up I could never understand why it was so darn difficult to remember good jokes. When an occasion came up and someone asked me to tell a joke, my mind would suddenly go blank and I couldn’t remember any. Most entertainment is like that. Yeah, it makes you laugh at the […]

Yesterday (technically–since I’m writing this past midnight) my seventh grandchild was born. I found out his name when his father called me at 4:15 pm. It’s Sulayman (not sure if I’m spelling that right). So now my three grandsons are named: Eesa, Ibraheem and Sulayman. Translation: Jesus, Abraham and Solomon. Very prophetic! Can’t wait to […]

Playing the Waiting Game…

So I mailed off the Hajj novel this afternoon and I did so without rereading it for the umpteenth time. Not sure if that was a mistake or a stroke of genius. Only time will tell. Now comes the hard part…waiting. And the only thing that helps with the waiting is working. It’s really pathetic […]

War Horse…

I’ve spent the last few days deciding exactly what I got from the experience of going to see the play War Horse. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I got many many things! It was a bit of a stone henge moment–where I got more from the experience of going there than actually seeing the […]