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Salams from Singapore!

I’m writing this from my hotel room a day after I arrived, my legs are still swolen like overstuffed sausages, but alhamdulillah, I had a good day! Visited a LOT of little primary kids! Oh they’re SO hard! Squirmy little things! And they’d just come back from a four day weekend! I’m so fortunate! I […]

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Learning Something New Everyday…

Recently, there’s been a HUGE push in schools to address problems with bullying. There’ve been suicide videos, the most recent from a girl named Amanda Todd, and bullying and suicide seems to have really reached a peak in terms of social consciousness. Parents and educators are really feeling compelled to do something about the ‘epidemic’. […]

The Lure of Cynicism…

I have to admit, over the last few weeks I’d been feeling such an overwhelming foreboding of disaster when it comes to American politics that I had basically resigned myself to a Mitt Romney victory. It started when Obama fared so poorly during that first debate. I actually thought he handled himself well. And watching […]

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Having Writer Friends to Talk to…

I once heard a writer describe life as a writer as being kind of bipolar in terms of sociability. You need SECLUSION in order to write, to delve deep enough to actually write anything worth while, but you need SOCIETY and SOCIAL STIMULATION to have something to write about. I know I’ve often felt it. […]

Finally I can say the good news…

Got permission from the powers that be, that I can finally release the good news that I’ve been clutching to my chest all summer long! Two things! Which should I say first? The local or the international??? Hmm. Let’s start local: The Toronto District School Board has chosen me along with some other authors (I’m […]

Movers and Shakers…Moi?

Today, for the very first time, I was described by someone, as a ‘mover and shaker’. LOL. And she meant it in the traditional sense of someone setting up meetings and making business deals happen! (as opposed to someone who just ‘shakes’ when they ‘move’) And wow, what a jarring thought it was, to think of myself […]

The Raid Redemption…

It’s been a long time since I wanted to watch a movie twice. Now that my daughters are all married and gone, and there’s just me and hubby and son, the estrogen factor is outnumbered by testosterone factors, two to one and that affects the type of movies we choose to watch. I really wanted […]

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The beauty of ‘barakat’

The Arabic word ‘barakat’ is loosely translated as ‘blessing’ in English, but unfortunately the word blessing does not connote all the intricacies of the meaning of barakat. I’m no Arabic scholar, but from my understanding the term barakat has to do with blessings of plenty, abundance, providence. And it comes down to whether or not […]

My first taste of stand up was a gentle one! Alhamdu lillah. I went down to Kitchener on Sunday to do an hour of storytelling for the Lattitudes Festival. When I finished I was just chatting with the organizers and they were saying how their children’s tent is doing so much better–in terms of attendance–than […]

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Fascinating, simply fascinating!

So I actually took the plunge and went to Yuk Yuk’s tonight to scope out the joint, so to speak. From 7:30 till about 11:30 pm, my ears were assaulted with a barrage of, ahem, very colourful language. There were some genuinely funny jokes in there. Three to be exact. Three jokes in the whole […]