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One of the reasons I do this…

Today I had three presentations at a school not far away and one of the teachers told me something that occurred with one of her students that left me momentarily speechless. This teacher was familiarizing the class with my work by reading Silly Chicken. She took out a map and was showing the class where […]

“You Go Girl!”

LOL, that’s what one of the speakers at the I.LEAD conference said about me when he began his speech. I was asked by the organizers to talk about youth engagement and empowerment. The whole theme of the conference was youth engagement and empowerment. And the weird thing was they contacted me a few weeks ago […]

No Rest for the Weary…

You know what the hardest thing of all is? It’s to create a presentation outside your comfort zone. And especially to people you’re actually trying to influence. This Saturday I’ve been invited to Ottawa to speak at a Muslim youth conference. Honestly I can’t believe they’re still having them! I am a product of Muslim […]

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Read a very interesting article the other day about how apparently certain authors, especially in the business book writing field, are hiring special services that buy bulk copies of their books in such a way as to manipulate the sales figures and make these bulk sales count towards their sales figures, propelling them onto the […]

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Okay, so I’m back home, safe and sound, basking in the glow of an amazing adventure and that little refrain keeps running through my mind because it was the translation of a song one of the international storytellers sang at the end of her performance. Ana Sofia Paiva is a petite and delicate Portuguese actress turned storyteller […]

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Because I was chosen as one of the Toronto District School Board’s writers in residence I’ve been going to various schools who’ve won visits from me. On Thursday I was lucky enough to go to a school I’d been to several times before! One of the things I like best about the Toronto School board […]

The last time I went to this conference was years ago when they asked me to storytell for the kids. It was so long ago that one of my daughters joined me at the venue and then got annoyed with the audience because they were bouncing around instead of listening. She was only about thirteen […]

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My Big Red Lollipop video…

Hear ye, hear ye…Announcing the launch of my brand spanking new youtube channel! And what better way to launch it than a wonderful ‘freebie’! Apparently it’s quite normal NOT to like watching yourself on T.V. I feel it’s a bit of a learning experience to always go back and watch myself, see how I handled […]

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Well, well, well, I guess I really did make an impression at that Singapore American School! I just received an email from one of the “Malaysian” Instructional aides I mentioned in one of my other blog posts! And I made a serious faux pas! I called them Malaysian! They’re born and bred and in Singapore! […]

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The end of a fantastic trip!!!

I think the best indication of how well this trip went was how many books the Singapore American School sold! They’ve had some wonderful authors in the past, some really nice names, but the head librarian of the intermediate school told me that they’d NEVER sold as many books as they had with me! And […]

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