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When the computer crashes…

in the middle of a powerpoint presentation and you’ve got an audience of about a hundred and fifty antsy ten and eleven year olds… What do you do??? This is not a hypothetical situation. It happened today, about three hours ago as I write this. October being Islamic Heritage month, I was invited to Barbara […]

It’s been a day and a half since I returned from Malaysia, the other side of the world, yup twelve hour time zone difference and I’m powering through the jet lag. Alhamdu lillah, it was a fabulous trip. My hosts were were so hospitable!!! Almost too hospitable, need to shed some of the pounds I […]

Drowning in information…

Omigosh, writing this blog post is almost a sort of relief. Child’s play. A chance to unwind after weeks of incredible information overload. I’ve been in meetings and immersed in research a story I’m writing for an educational publisher, and I honestly feel like I’m drowning. It’s very humbling. There’s so much information out there […]

Oh Beautiful Ramadan!

The Prophet (peace be upon him) had encouraged Muslims to welcome this sacred ninth month of the Muslim calendar! Welcome it because during this month the doors of heaven are opened and the doors of hell are closed and all the shayateen (devils) are chained up and have no power to influence us. It is […]

Judging an audience…

Thing about this field is that I’m ALWAYS learning things! Just when I think I’ve kind of figured things out, I will go ahead and learn something new. Like just a few days ago, I did two afternoon presentations. I thought afternoon presentations would be easier. I’m starting to get anxiety when I have to […]

Sometimes when you’re conducting storytelling workshops,  you might encounter children who are really really reluctant to get up in front of others and speak. And yet, public speaking is such an important life skill to have! I really dislike it when they insist on reading their stories or even having the paper version near by. […]

Underestimating children…

It’s funny how many adults and educators assume that children only want to laugh. They only want to have fun. I did too. When I first began school presentations I assumed that the funny stories would be the ones that would reach the children the best. That perhaps I’d have to coax them into being […]

Call backs…

Sometimes I look back over the places I’ve been and the conferences and festivals I’ve had the privilege of attending and I get a bit nostalgic. Singapore, Mexico, Iran, Pakistan, India, Denmark, Sharjah, Italy! The list goes on! Wow! I’ve really been a LOT of places! I remember the trips so fondly! Although at the […]

One of my daughters decided to use the picture below of me, as her profile pic. She thought it was absolutely hilarious. I have to admit that it is. I have to confess that I can’t stand watching videos of myself because I do make really goofy faces while I’m telling a story. You have […]

It’s always amazing to me how the real impact of what you do as a teacher has very little to do with the day to day remuneration or any sort of ‘recognition’ you receive. Humanity really comes down to being a big blob of interpersonal connections. I was having a conversation with a family member […]