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During my trip, I took along a notebook, like I did during Hajj, and filled it with my thoughts. Here’s the first entry: I’m writing this from the Nanjing Hilton which must mean it’s Tuesday, I think. (Oct.9th) Shanghai has a population of about 23 million. In a city! The whole country of Canada is […]

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Back from Shanghai!

And to quote good ole Bugs Bunny: “Oh the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen!” More of that later… On the last day, getting ready to come back, my husband turned to me and asked, “So what did you learn from these ten days?” Hmm. The biggest thing I learned is the definition […]

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Along with two other diplomats in Benghazi. All because of a film that insulted the Prophet (peace be upon him). I can’t believe it! I’m absolutely shocked. It’s crazy. What would the Prophet (peace be upon him) say? To kill innocent people this way just because you’re outraged??? And ESPECIALLY diplomats!!! They didn’t do anything!!! […]

Daring to get a bit political…

Like everyone else, I’ve been watching news about the Aurora, Colorado cinema killings. Of course it’s shocking. Of course it’s apalling that a masked gunman could go into a theatre, lob a cannister of tear gas and then start shooting the people who’d arrived for a midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises, randomly. But is it surprising? […]

So being a south Asian it’s not surprising that I get a lot of presentations during this month. But really, what do you say to a teacher who tells you that they prepared for your visit by watching Disney’s Alladin??? Alladin!!! Whose opening song, Arabian Nights, originally contained the verse: Oh I come from a […]

Frankly I never thought this would be a problem. Never anticipated that there’d come a time when people who have little to no affinity for my faith would write stories about it just to get their foot in the door of children’s publishing. And to have come across the phrase ‘professional Muslims’ in a wonderful […]

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I confess, I’m not that surprised about the current broohaha in some circles over the loss of ‘Merry Christmas’ greetings. I suspect the majority is starting to feel under siege and they’re tired of political correctness. When I think of Christmas what is seared into my memory is the first grade teacher who insisted I write […]

Sometimes my daughters read my blog and they often tell me if I’ve crossed over any lines. It’s unfortunate that in written communication especially, it’s so easy to misconstrue tone and meaning to people’s words. I’ve stopped responding to people’s good news via email with a ‘Good for you’, because I figure it can so […]

I keep forgetting. Honestly, I’ll go most of the day completely unaware that I wear hijab, have brown skin, and otherwise look any different from anyone else and then suddenly something will bring me up short. I’ll see myself reflected in a shop window or someone will say something  like acknowledging how ‘tolerant’ they are […]

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And my brain feels like mush. Omigosh have I ever matured in the way I deal with people. A while ago, a contentious issue arose during some discussions I was having with some people where it was myself against everyone else in the room. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to defend my perspective like […]

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