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Isn’t it funny when you make a joke and then people actually act like you’re serious? Had to pop by a school in the west end where I had some business left over and I had the pleasure of speaking to the secretary and principal and librarian. I am SO fortunate to meet such nice […]

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Apparently universities offer courses in Diaspora these days. Quite frankly I didn’t even know what a diaspora was a few years ago! And for those of you who might not be familiar with the term either, let’s just say it’s when a community spreads out. Like African diaspora is how the Africans were spread out […]

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Yesterday I went down to Kitchener to be part of the Coalition of Muslim Women of Kitchener event. Did some storytelling a few years ago for them, and they were so sweet! And they asked so nicely, that even though I’m pretty tired and feel a bit burned out by the hectic schedule I’ve been […]

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I’m trying to figure something out. There seems to be a sort of disconnect between my writing and my stage persona. And yet there shouldn’t be. I’m still struggling with it. Needless to say I’ve been very busy! Still busy, but I’m not complaining. I’m musing. Had an interesting presentation for 0-4 year olds at […]

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I think I mentioned how busy I’ve been. With May being South Asian Heritage month, it’s to be expected. Throw in Mother’s Day and an Islamic Society of North America/Canada convention, and yup, I was real busy. From May 7th till May 18th (that was yesterday) I had only one day off, and that was […]

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Today I only had two presentations. Alhamdu lillah. And I got home reasonably early so I have an entire afternoon to, um, relax. Feels weird. I’ve been running on empty the past few days. You know it gets bad when you look at the clock at 7 pm and think, “Okay, I have to leave […]

Had a fascinating conversation with a librarian today! That’s not surprising of course! Librarians tend to be great thinkers and it’s almost more unusual NOT to have a fascinating conversation with them! But what was intriguing was the consensus we both came to. She, a devout Catholic, me a practicing Muslim, we talked about how […]

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When a rejection really hit me hard. All the platitudes I usually comfort myself with, rang empty. Even though, yeah, I still believe them. I can say rejection is part of the process over and over again, but right now, I just find it hard to believe it. I can say that Allah subhanahu wata […]

What a year it’s been!

I meant to shout out to any Christians reading this that I hoped they had a good holiday, but somehow in the busyness of the day I didn’t get a chance. I find the hub bub about whether to say Merry Christmas, vs Happy Holidays really interesting. I think it should be very simple. If […]

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Today was supposed to be an in and out trip. Came into Amritsar at about 10 am, did three major presentations and two journalist interviews, and I was supposed to be out on the 8:45 pm flight. Only it got cancelled, so I’m stuck here, and my flight leaves at 3 am, back to Delhi […]

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