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I remember hearing on Dr. Phil that when a person shows anger they’re actually at their weakest. And that anger and sadness are often symptoms of a more basic emotion: fear. I don’t know about all that, I just know that I often have to balance how much news of the world’s events I take […]

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I know I promised more posts about my trip to Spain and Portugal. I had it all planned out, I’d write about Don Quixote, that most famous of Spanish heroes and his faithful sidekick Sancho Panza, but life interrupted. It was funny. All during my time in Spain and Portugal, I was having such a […]

Last Saturday I was presenting at a one day workshop at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, called Muslim Journeys. It was a great opportunity and I had a wonderful time! It was well attended by educators from all over Wisconsin and even other states nearby! And one of the ladies exclaimed to me afterwards that she […]

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Have to laugh at myself here. I should be working on the teacher guide for King for a Day, but instead, I’m writing about how I’m procrastinating on it. Got me to thinking of that hadith that I love so much. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Make use of five things before five […]

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I think I mentioned how busy I’ve been. With May being South Asian Heritage month, it’s to be expected. Throw in Mother’s Day and an Islamic Society of North America/Canada convention, and yup, I was real busy. From May 7th till May 18th (that was yesterday) I had only one day off, and that was […]

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Today was supposed to be an in and out trip. Came into Amritsar at about 10 am, did three major presentations and two journalist interviews, and I was supposed to be out on the 8:45 pm flight. Only it got cancelled, so I’m stuck here, and my flight leaves at 3 am, back to Delhi […]

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What with the wonders of modern travel, I’m writing this on the plane back from Istanbul. Still trying to digest what happened in Kapadokya. The last evening we were in Kapadokya, which is a wonderful little area where the people have carved their houses in granite chimneys formed 25 million years ago by volcanic action. […]

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It’s like if workers come to do a job in your house, fix your furnace or dishwasher or something and they see a diamond lying there, in the open, something you’ve misplaced or forgotten about but could definitely use, and they just take it. Then they come back over and over again, to do more […]

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The last time I went to this conference was years ago when they asked me to storytell for the kids. It was so long ago that one of my daughters joined me at the venue and then got annoyed with the audience because they were bouncing around instead of listening. She was only about thirteen […]

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feels a bit like a waste of time. Sometimes the feeling of impotence in the face of global dilemmas is just excruciating. This is one of those times. It seems to crop up every so often. It’s like tensions build and build in Israel and Palestine, and they start fighting, and people start dying. And […]

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