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Everyone should watch a movie in a cramped airline seat, with a six or four inch monitor, however big it is, and with lousy ear plugs. That way, they can really tell if a movie is any good. I always tend to watch movies after the hype has died down somewhat. I wasn’t very curious […]


Well I guess I must be getting more tech savvy because I did indeed figure out how to unhide my spider solitaire and freecell. And since I’d done my work, I was itching for something to do, and I did go in and ‘unhide’ them. Well, I was too embarrassed to blog about it, but […]

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Got two chapters revised today when I thought I’d only, at most, get one. But somehow, after I finished putting this chapter into the eyes of the other character, I still had some stamina left, and I got started in on the next. It wasn’t that hard. Just really changing tenses, first person present into third […]

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To serve your turn long after they are gone And so hold on, when there is nothing in you, Except the will which says to them “Hold on!”  This is the second half of third stanza of Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘If” and somehow it always reminds me of an obstacle course race I ran when […]

Anne Rice and the cult of Vampires

I was flicking channels and saw a bit of Interview With a Vampire starring Brad Pitt. Despite my squeamishness regarding the topic, I find it’s actually well written. The dialogue is compelling, at least as much of it as I watched a long time ago. I couldn’t get very far. Tried watching bits of Bram […]

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Avoiding cheesy dialogue

When the twins were only girls they were once watching Little House on the Prairie, the Michael Landon show, and Mary was getting married and leaving someone behind or something, and she said to the guy, “I will always hold your head in my heart.” The twins burst out laughing. Even as young girls, they […]

A New Day

I’m feeling a little better. Not cocky, by a far way, but…resolved. Yes, that’s the word. Resolved is the first step back to cocky. Started rereading the novel and I think it might be pretty good. I’ve been working on it for almost a year now. I thought the fact that I’d written the first […]

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Reading Rebecca

I have three bookshelves next to my treadmill, and to alleviate the boredom I’ll often grab an old favourite to read while I’m trudging along. A couple of days ago I started Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, for the fifth or sixth time. It’s a longish book, a real classic, and it’s funny how I keep […]

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