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What an experience!

It’s never a good idea to criticize yourself. Especially if people are raving about your presentation. Don’t criticize yourself publicly, don’t diminish their exuberance or their compliments by putting yourself down, but in the privacy of your own room…yes, think of what you did wrong. Analyze, assess, and fix it for next time so it’s […]

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So last night there was a sort of cocktail party/dinner to launch the Bookaroo experience. Members of the press were there, including one of the sponsors of Bookaroo, and it was held on a rooftop veranda/restaurant with the cool night air and occasional fireworks in the area–such a contrast from the night before! All sorts […]

Oh Wow!

India is quite different from Pakistan! Mind you the Pakistan I’m thinking of is twenty years ago. I’m still getting used to being here. Delhi is beautiful! Didn’t imagine it would be so green with huge trees running down the middle of the street and flowers and hedges everywhere, and gardeners dressed in shabby clothes […]

So now that I have so much time…

why aren’t I writing like mad? Daughter and Son in law came back safe and sound on Saturday, grandkiddies are gone, I have my life back. No need to get up so darn early in the mornings to make breakfast for kiddies, no need to worry if they’re surpassing their Thomas the Tank engine quota […]

Keeping it real…

Caught my mind wandering during prayer. I think it’s very important to send out press releases, as an author, even if you think not much will come of it. At least local media might run the story. It’s always good to have an ‘angle’. And it seems I’ve got two. For the Canadian media, I […]

Feeling all flustered and unsettled…

after a visit to the Indian consulate last Monday! Gee, I’m writing this Sunday night and I’m still not over the experience! I wonder if I’m suffering a form of PTSD–and I mean no disrespect to those who actually have it. I’m just being a bit facetious. I have a bunch of elderly people in […]

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Napoleon Dynamite and Young Humor…

My son and I have a constant struggle going on. He keeps trying to get me to watch videos or listen to songs that he likes and I keep getting him to read Watership Down. I think I’m actually more open minded than he is because while I’ve read and experienced a LOT of the […]

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doesn’t mean that I’m NOT Canadian!!!! Read a stupid headline in the Toronto Star that really ticked me off! It said that are Canadians who wear religious head gear less ‘Canadian’??? Omigosh! What does a scarf on my head have to do with my ‘Canadian-ness’. Or American-ness, Or British-ness, for that matter??? I guess I’ve […]

Lonely at the top…

I guess it takes rejoining Facebook to realize that I’ve lost four friends over the years–one Muslim, one Jewish and two Christian. How very egalitarian of me! I’m not sure what I did. No, I must be honest. In one of the situations I know exactly what I did! I made the mistake of telling the person […]

It’s the dog days of summer and it’s hard to get enthusiastic about much! Had a long talk with an editor on what’s working and not working with some sample chapters I sent her. It was funny. As I’m talking to her and she’s confirming all of my worst fears about the piece, there’s part […]

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