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One step forward, two steps back

or is it the other way around? Two steps forward and one step back? All I know is that it’s incredibly frustrating. I know I gave myself permission to write a lousy first draft, and that I did, but still, I was hoping there wouldn’t be quite so much work to do on the manuscript! […]

I confess, I’m not that surprised about the current broohaha in some circles over the loss of ‘Merry Christmas’ greetings. I suspect the majority is starting to feel under siege and they’re tired of political correctness. When I think of Christmas what is seared into my memory is the first grade teacher who insisted I write […]

Back from Stonehenge

Ever since I got back into London, my internet access has been iffy. Had more than enough trouble trying to just download my emails and didn’t have time to blog. But now, finally, I have a moment–and more importantly internet access! The last few days have been amazing! Like I said, I have been astonished […]

A Shout Out to my Home Girl Marjorie!

Yesterday, after I had such a wonderful time in Bradford, I forgot to mention going to lunch with Marjorie Coughlan in Leeds! It was a bit of an adventure getting into Leeds. Normally the train from Bradford takes twenty minutes, but alhamdu lillah, I did get there, albeit about half an hour late. Marjorie lives […]

On the way to Bradford, UK

I’m writing this from the train, on the way to Leeds and then Bradford. Hard to believe all the things that have happened over the last few days! Arrived on Sunday, it was dreary and foggy, and I wrote about how the cold seeped into my bones! Traveler beware. The temperature might claim it’s 7 […]

I started writing this on Sunday night. Tonight on Oprah’s visionaries was talking. If you’re not sure who he is, you’re not alone. I’d heard his name, but didn’t realize he’s one of the co-founders of the group Black-eyed Peas. The first half of the show was just him spouting off about how tickled […]

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Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain! And the waving wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain. I’ve been humming the tune ever since I found out I’ve been invited to Tulsa and Oklahoma city to do some presentations. Seems like the next few weeks will be very […]

I keep forgetting. Honestly, I’ll go most of the day completely unaware that I wear hijab, have brown skin, and otherwise look any different from anyone else and then suddenly something will bring me up short. I’ll see myself reflected in a shop window or someone will say something  like acknowledging how ‘tolerant’ they are […]

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It’s ironic that I would feel like I’ve kind of ‘made it’ when I received my first hate email a little while back. My first thought was, “I must have done something right!” And my second thought was, “What if this person is right about me?” I have seen too many people delude themselves. These are […]

A Small Kindness…

At the Saskatchewan Festival of Words, we were being housed at Temple Mineral Spa which had renowned healing waters. They told us to bring our bathing suits. Yeah right! But the lady I was corresponding with was adamant. ‘Bring your bathing suit, you’ll want to partake in the healing waters!’ So I packed a spare […]

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