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A Day of epiphanies…

I’ve been walking around in a bit of a daze the past few days because of an article I read by chance. I was satisfying my curiosity as usual, delving into stuff that was interesting but didn’t seem to be directly related to any writing topic, when I came across a link to an article […]

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I went out of town yesterday and just got back. It was a Muslim community who’ve been such great supporters of my work that it’s always a pleasure to visit, even if it does mean a five hour drive. One of the ladies in particular has such an aura about her. I’ve heard it called […]

Back refreshed…

I took a vacation! A real vacation! No work, no laptop, I didn’t even take my watch! Didn’t want to have to take a look at it–which meant I ended up asking hubby and son every few minutes, “What time is it?” In hind sight, I would have taken my watch, but still…point is I […]

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The advantage of being underestimated…

Been sick, sick, sick, and that makes me think, think, think. Way back when Bush was president, I used to wonder how such a silly person (who calls one of their friends Turd Blossom???) could end up running the most powerful country in the world, and I really think a lot of his success came […]

War Horse…

I’ve spent the last few days deciding exactly what I got from the experience of going to see the play War Horse. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I got many many things! It was a bit of a stone henge moment–where I got more from the experience of going there than actually seeing the […]

Confrontations cont’d…

As soon as I finished my treatise yesterday I felt like I hadn’t even addressed family confrontational issues and thought that should be the next post. I usually take a break for a few days between posts to give myself and my readers a rest, but hey, I’ll just put this up here while it’s […]

One step forward, two steps back

or is it the other way around? Two steps forward and one step back? All I know is that it’s incredibly frustrating. I know I gave myself permission to write a lousy first draft, and that I did, but still, I was hoping there wouldn’t be quite so much work to do on the manuscript! […]

I confess, I’m not that surprised about the current broohaha in some circles over the loss of ‘Merry Christmas’ greetings. I suspect the majority is starting to feel under siege and they’re tired of political correctness. When I think of Christmas what is seared into my memory is the first grade teacher who insisted I write […]

Back from Stonehenge

Ever since I got back into London, my internet access has been iffy. Had more than enough trouble trying to just download my emails and didn’t have time to blog. But now, finally, I have a moment–and more importantly internet access! The last few days have been amazing! Like I said, I have been astonished […]

A Shout Out to my Home Girl Marjorie!

Yesterday, after I had such a wonderful time in Bradford, I forgot to mention going to lunch with Marjorie Coughlan in Leeds! It was a bit of an adventure getting into Leeds. Normally the train from Bradford takes twenty minutes, but alhamdu lillah, I did get there, albeit about half an hour late. Marjorie lives […]