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Waaah! I miss Kuala Lumpur already!

Caught a bus this morning to Singapore, and am writing this comfortably ensconced in my hotel room at the Peninsula Excelsior hotel. Where did the time go? Feels like yesterday I just got to KL, and this morning I had to say goodbye to it. Goodbye to the pungent aromas of the street vendors steaming who knows […]

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My Kuala Lumpur public transit adventure!

When I returned from London at the end of November, I had dreams, nightmares really of me sitting on the London tube, worried that I’d miss my stop! And that was in a situation where I could speak and understand the language! I had absolutely no intention of taking the public transit here in Kuala […]

My Kuala Lumpur Teksi adventure…

My third day in Kuala Lumpur and where do I begin? Went to visit a publisher this morning. Kuala Lumpur has quite the train system. Apparently most people rely on the trains to get across the city. Problem is the signs are in Malay, and I don’t read Malay. I’m informed that there are signs […]

Steamy Kuala Lumpur

Left home on Thursday night at around 10:30 pm, arrived in KL at my hotel room about 2:30 pm on Saturday. It’s a twelve hour time difference. Basically you can’t go any further around the globe before you start coming back. The  fifteen hour flight from Toronto to Hong Kong is difficult. I was dreading […]

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So being a south Asian it’s not surprising that I get a lot of presentations during this month. But really, what do you say to a teacher who tells you that they prepared for your visit by watching Disney’s Alladin??? Alladin!!! Whose opening song, Arabian Nights, originally contained the verse: Oh I come from a […]

Got an email a few days ago from MASC, the administrative body that arranged my mini tour of Ottawa schools. Apparently the kids at one of the schools had been so intrigued by my Roses in My Carpets  presentation that they’d entirely skipped recess to gather around me! They SKIPPED their RECESS!!!! The fifteen minutes […]

I was feeling restless tonight. Walking on the treadmill, doing my 5 K, the normal TV shows held no appeal for me. And then I came upon a documentary of a guy traveling the Ganges river. Why do I need to know about the Ganges? I actually don’t. But I’m incurably curious. Always have been. […]

The Bright Lights of Times Square…

Somehow I can’t stop thinking about the moment I stood in front of Times Square, a few weeks ago, when hubby son, and I went on our whirlwind bus tour/vacation. Talk about electronic billboards! The whole place is plastered with them, each flashing and vying for your attention. I particularly remember the theatre billboard sign […]

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Frankly I never thought this would be a problem. Never anticipated that there’d come a time when people who have little to no affinity for my faith would write stories about it just to get their foot in the door of children’s publishing. And to have come across the phrase ‘professional Muslims’ in a wonderful […]

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A Day of epiphanies…

I’ve been walking around in a bit of a daze the past few days because of an article I read by chance. I was satisfying my curiosity as usual, delving into stuff that was interesting but didn’t seem to be directly related to any writing topic, when I came across a link to an article […]

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