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It’s interesting how things can come together. You can be mulling something over, and then you get an email from some random reader talking about the issues of voice appropriation and then a day later you read an excellent column on the New York Times by Christopher Myers, the son of the impeccable Walter Dean […]

Pan’s Labyrinth…

Sometimes I feel like if I could only delve into magical elements, I could write a bestseller so easily! I think having religious restrictions can make it much harder to write an engaging story! Alice Kane is considered one of the grand dames of storytelling. She came from Ireland I think, which has an epic […]

The best ones…

Went to a publisher party the other night and had a number of very interesting experiences. It was chock full of people, most of whom I didn’t know, but I did see a dear acquaintance of mine and went over to say hello. She’s always worked on the business side of children’s literature. She’s attended conferences […]

What a year it’s been!

I meant to shout out to any Christians reading this that I hoped they had a good holiday, but somehow in the busyness of the day I didn’t get a chance. I find the hub bub about whether to say Merry Christmas, vs Happy Holidays really interesting. I think it should be very simple. If […]

The Taj Mahal…and Sticker Shock!

This is going to be a long post! I have so much to tell to wind up my trip to India–but bear with me I think you might find it pretty funny! So I went to the Taj, straight from Delhi airport on Monday, Dec. 3rd. Our flight from Pune get delayed because the system […]

Vanilla ice cream, warm gulab jamuns and …

Suhaani Raath being sung by a young Indian troubadour strumming on a guitar on the roof of our hotel in Pune…wow, pretty close to heavenly! They had the Bookaroo Pune launch dinner last night and it was smaller than the one in Delhi, had a completely different feel to it, and it came with that […]

Bookaroo in Pune…

It’s such a treat to see some of the same faces I got acquainted with at Bookaroo in Delhi! And the wonderful thing is we’ve kind of gotten past that initial euphoria stage, if you know what I mean. One of the things I try very hard NOT to do is to hog a conversation. […]

Today was supposed to be an in and out trip. Came into Amritsar at about 10 am, did three major presentations and two journalist interviews, and I was supposed to be out on the 8:45 pm flight. Only it got cancelled, so I’m stuck here, and my flight leaves at 3 am, back to Delhi […]

I think it’s a few minutes past 9 pm and I’m beat. Just thinking of the schedule ahead is making me seriously reconsider my sanity in saying yes. Bangalore was amazing. Or I should say the people were amazing because I actually didn’t get to ‘see’ that much of the place. Oh, I spoke to […]


is as hot and steamy as Delhi was cool and dry! It’s been a whirlwind to say the least! Got in yesterday morning, met with the people picking me up without incident, yay!!! And took a bumpy ride into the city. People had told me that Bangalore airport is about 2 hours outside the city, […]