I’ve been watching Oprah’s Life Class the last week or so, it comes on twice in the day on her new network and a commercial came on for Shania Twain’s show “Why Not?” and she mentions how she lost her voice and her confidence etc. and she can’t figure out why.

I wish I could tell her why. I think I know.

It’s because with her husband running off with that best friend of hers, even though he was married to SHANIA TWAIN for goodness sakes! It meant all those ‘women empowerment’ songs she’d been singing were proven to be absolute NONSENSE!

Shania made her mark being powerful.

When he left her, her reaction proved her to be completely and utterly vulnerable.

She’s embarrassed!

And that new song of hers: Today is Your Day, is more hokum. It’s wishful thinking nonsense.

Maybe she’s trying to rebrand herself, but I don’t think that will work. Not until she actually gets over being embarrassed, and starts working on her craft again.

And I’m thinking she must have actually believed the stuff she was singing/selling.

Oprah didn’t help much either.

When she was interviewing Shania at one point, Shania says, “Oh but I was mean…” And I thought, “Ah ha!”

When I was younger I always wondered why the ‘beautiful’ people had marriages fraught with infidelity. And especially it seemed that the women the men were cheating with, weren’t anywhere near as good looking as their wives.

The conclusion that I’ve come to is that when women are very good looking, they believe it gives them extra capital to treat men and other people badly.

All the movies sell this. They have these femme fatales who slink across the screen with their hips protruding sideways with each step, and the men and everyone else withers in their path.


Women should stop falling for it!

It’s as campy as Xena Warrior Princess with her twirly boob armour.

Any half-built man could drop her with a side kick.

She doesn’t hava any inertia behind her blows for goodness sakes! And that’s just a matter of plain physics.

Just like skinny-minny Uma Thurman beating up all those Japanese Tae Kwon do blokes in Kill Bill.

When will women realize that they don’t need to compete with men militarily to be empowered.

That women’s power really is different.

A man cannot bear a child.

Women have been doing it for millenia.

How could a man endure the pushing apart of his pelvic bones to allow the passage of a baby’s head and body?

If you think about it, it’s kind of like the rack, you know those old torture devices where they’d tie ropes or chains to a persons wrists and ankles and stretch them on a board, only this is happening internally, and for a purpose.

A man cannot feed a child after it’s born.

Again women have been doing this for millenia.

Without women, there are NO men!

That is POWER!

In animal husbandry, it’s always the female that is the valuable commodity.

The males are mostly slaughtered for food.

Whether they’re sheep or cattle or chickens, you don’t need too many around. They just turn the farmyard into a war zone.

Women’s power lies in their own nature.

But all this toddlers and tiaras nonsense and ‘women empowerment’ nonsense, when they’re dressed in the most provocative styles is not POWER!

It’s actually demeaning!

I was watching Denzel Washington in American Gangster one time and his character says something very interesting at one point. He says that in a crowd, the person who is dressed the most outlandishly is actually the person with the least power.

In such crowds women are often dressed in slinky, very uncomfortable looking, evening gowns.

We need to become more discerning, see through the NONSENSE people are spouting to the sentiments that lie beneath.

The whole message of Lady Gaga, for goodness sakes, is fraught with hypocrisy!

The woman can never appear on stage without the most outlandish accroutements and make up that makes her look like she’s wearing a mask! Like she’s hiding behind her weird stuff.

She looks like a joke!

And she’s trying to sell us the idea that she’s secure within herself?


Methinks she doth protest too much!

If 49 years have taught me nothing else, it’s to take what these people say with a grain of salt.

Don’t just listen to their words! Regard their actions!

Actions really do speak louder than words!

Look at their body language.

Lady Gaga can  barely sit up straight. She’s always POSING!

 It’s all just stage presence!

Anyone can have stage presence.

Mark my words, in years down the road, she’ll probably do an interview confessing to how insecure she felt at the height of it all!

I remember Alan Alda saying that he took up acting because it cured his shyness.

When you go out on stage you can take on your own persona.

And I remember an interview about Marilyn Monroe where she said that her sexiness was something she could turn on and off at will.

She was talking to some friend and they were walking down a street. She said, “Watch.” And she turned it ‘on’ and suddenly all the people were gawking at her. People who were otherwise just passing by.

I actually know what that feels like.

Not the sexiness stuff of course, but the ‘turning things on’ bit.

When I’m just talking to people normally, I’m definitely ‘off’. I think it would be extremely odious to be ‘on’ under those circumstances.

But once I get up on stage, I turn it ‘on’, just as surely as flicking a switch.

I guess what I’m trying to say in a round about way is, “Don’t be fooled. Look past the fascade.”