Excuse me!

I feel like I have a food hangover!

There was a song I learned in kindergarten. It was about this boy whose gluttonish friend was coming over for tea.

It went like this:

The hungriest boy that I ever did see

He goes by the name of Timothy Lee

And this is the day he is coming to tea,

Hi Ho! Timothy Lee.

I’ll go to the cook and the news I will break

Some muffins and crumpets I’ll ask her to bake

Some strawberry tarts and a chocolate cake

Hi Ho! Chocolate cake!

Right now I feel like Timothy Lee after eating all that stuff!

But I’ve never had a crumpet. Saw them in the bakery section of the store and they looked like pancakes that hadn’t been flipped over with all the burst bubbles in them. Not very appetizing.

I do like english muffins though! Mmm.

And strawberry tarts!

And when I found my recipe for chocolate cake I felt as though the Timothy Lee song had come full circle in my life!

Weird huh?

I’m actually getting sick of all the yummy rich food already. Saturday’s my side of the family’s party and then I can go back to normal!


Can’t wait.

As for that Ramadan feeling, I must say that it’s pretty much gone.

I thought it would have lasted longer.

But maybe it’s just on hiatus for a little, while I’m so busy preparing for Saturday.

Well, it’s off to bed. Tomorrow I have about sixty pineapple tarts to make and some custard/vanilla pudding for trifle and the broth for chicken pilau and I have to marinate the chicken for the barbecue on Saturday.

Hopefully I can get my Afghan son in law to actually do the barbecuing. He’s a real sweetie!

And in the mean time, my updated and thoroughly mangled version of that kindergarten song:

The hungriest folks that I ever did see

They happen to be Pak-is-tan-i

On Saturday they will be coming to tea

Hi Ho Pakistani!

Being the cook I decided to make

Some chicken pilau and a trifle with cake

Some pineapple tarts and a cherry cheesecake

Hi Ho! Cherry cheesecake!

Oh pardon the cheesiness!

It’s the food, I swear.

I’m not myself…really.