and I’m not sure why.

Today was a light day! One presentation in a library only half an hour’s drive from home. And yet I feel completely exhausted.

I stopped by the gym on the way home thinking that would pep me up. Nope. Made supper, ate supper and went on the treadmill. Didn’t even walk the full three miles and still I feel wiped.

The good news: my nonMuslim friend who read the sequel loved it. She called it a ‘delight’! So it’s not just a Muslim thing, and yet she’s religious too, so I’m wondering if her faith coloured her judgment and mainstream people won’t like it.

I don’t even know any more.

I feel almost the same way I did when I wrote that really edgy novel that was deemed too risque for even young adult.

That one is the one I’m turning into a screenplay.

And boy is screenplay writing really hard!

Maybe that’s why I’m so tired.

I feel like creatively I’ve maybe gone too deep and the well is dry and I’m waiting for it to fill up again. I don’t know, I’m speculating.

Or maybe I’m just getting sick.

My throat is a bit sore.

And I’ve been bogged down in making arrangements for that trip to Singapore.

Plus a booking agency in Ottawa that I worked with in the past, wants me to commit to coming up there for a week’s presentations sometime next year.

Yesterday, with an unexpeced day off, I went to meet with the people I’d taken the screenwriting course with. We’re a good group–very eclectic. I’d almost say I learned more from them than from the instructor!

One of the people, a very quiet sort of guy, hardly spoke during the classes, gave me critique on my first act of the screenplay!


He never did any of the assignments. He’s a lawyer by trade. I guess he just took the course for interest sakes. Didn’t write anything–but boy is he good at critiquing!

The five of them have been meeting every week or so, this was the first time since I finished the course that I had a chance to meet with them. One of the other ladies said after I remarked on the value of the gentleman’s feedback, “Oh so now you’ll be coming, eh?”

I sure will. Whenever I have Tuesdays off, I’ll try to make it down.

It was fun getting together talking shop.

I don’t mean to complain about being so busy. It really is so much better than the alternative.

But honestly it does get a bit overwhelming at times.

Sometimes it’s enough to just keep my head above water.

I remember the days, not so long ago, that I would sit there bored because things weren’t happening fast enough.

I don’t really say that any more.

But you should be careful what you wish for. And even now, I’m grateful that things are still manageable.

And right now it occurs to me that maybe it’s because I’m thinking of three different things at one time: the sequel, the screenplay and the picture book!

I’ve been getting up early and revising huge bits of the sequel every morning since Sunday.

No wonder I’m tired.

I’ve got to get to bed.

Get some rest.

Things will look clearer if I do. And maybe my throat won’t be too sore.

I did take some Cold FX that usually stops a cold in its tracks–if I take it early enough.