I had this week off.

No school presentations, got a chance to catch up on my exercising and health routines and I had hoped, in all of that time that I had, I’d get an idea for another picture book.



Which just goes to show how hard the darn things actually are to write.

Mind you I did stipulate, in my request to the Almighty, to give me something better than Big Red Lollipop. You’d think that wouldn’t be that tall an order.

But so far nothing’s measuring up.

So this afternoon I amended my request to ‘as good as Big Red Lollipop‘. We’ll see. Maybe an idea will pop into my head tomorrow. The week’s not over yet.

And the thing is once the idea does come, at least picture books don’t take long to write!

But I have used the week well. Been catching up on all my email correspondence. I’ve issued numerous invoices for upcoming presentations, and I’ve contacted all the people that I needed to contact.

On top of all of that I’ve been playing the role of peacemaker in some situations I’m involved in.

Everything I’ve ever learned about being assertive with people and dealing with troublemakers, I learned from my hubby.

Growing up I was always such a wimp. Didn’t know how to stand up for myself at all.

But watching my hubby for for thirty-two years has taught me a lot. One of the biggest things I learned was when someone is attacking you, stick up for yourself.

Like recently, someone made a snide comment about that whole issue with those men in Muzdalifa. The one where I went too far.

In the past I would have shriveled up, withdrawing into a cave to lick my wounds and feel sorry for myself. This time I didn’t even flinch. I almost laughed, thinking, “Oh no he did-n’t!”

I hit back with something I knew about the guy sending me the barb in such a way that I’m sure he’ll think twice before trying that again.

But I have rules for myself.

Never be the aggressor.

Let a lot of things go.

If it’s possible to take their words in a better context, give them the benefit of the doubt.

And don’t take things personally, but when you’re being attacked, DEFEND!

Make your point, but don’t go too far. (like I did with those men in Muzdalifa!)

And once you’ve made your point, move on, don’t hold grudges, and extend your hand in mercy in other ways to show there’s no hard feelings and it’s nothing personal.

And above all be fair.

Yup, these are all tactics I learned from my hubby.

March 31st was our 32nd wedding anniversary.

32 years!


I actually got a man to put up with me for 32 years!

Now if I could only write a picture book!