They sent out the press release and now I can say that I’ve won the GOLDEN KITE award for picture book text!!!!

The news has literally left me numb.

I’ve been numb since Wednesday evening, when I first found out.

This morning I woke up and thought, “Wow, I really did win the Golden Kite for picture book text!”

I beat out 1500 other picture books!

And in addition to this prestigious award I’ll receive $2500 plus an all expense paid trip to the big SCBWI convention in L.A. in August, where I will give a 5-10 minute acceptance speech and do at least one session on writing picture books, for which I’ll also get paid.

And now, between the Golden Kite and the Charlotte Zolotow award, also for picture book text, I’ve basically cornered the market on picture book text awards!

These really are the two major ones (that I know of).

From two different committees! And in fact the SCBWI committee consists of my peers, other authors thought I did the best!


I’ve been walking around in a daze.

And I’ve forgotten all my manners with my hubby and my son, and keep steering the conversations back to the Golden Kite, the Golden Kite, the Charlotte Zolotow, the Charlotte Zolotow, and what that will all mean!

To such an extent that my hubby finally said, “Why don’t you just put two stickers on your forehead. One for each award! That way you won’t have to keep talking about it!”

And I thought the image was so funny, and almost tempting!

No. Not really.

But there most likely will be two award stickers on the book. They’ll compete for attention with that vivid red lollipop!

And I’ve heard that we’ve sold rights in China!

And now it’s up for the Georgia Children’s Book award 2012.

I’ve always thought that all I needed was one big breakout book.

I wonder if this is it.

Feels like it, but it’s still too soon to say.

Still…I’ll keep basking in the moment. And I’ve got to start thinking of what I will say in Wisconsin next Saturday when I accept the Charlotte Zolotow.

They’ve been a bit more generous in their time allotment! I have 10-15 minutes!

Not enough to tell my side of the story, but hopefully enough to give them a taste.