If you want to avoid future disaster, make sure you READ the dates of the presentations you’re supposed to go to accurately!

Omigosh, I am such a chucklehead!

I almost gave a teacher librarian a heart attack with my carelessness.

It clearly said Wednesday February 23rd on the booking notice. I clearly wrote it down under Wednesday February 23rd in my agenda/calendar.

So why was I so sure the presentation was on Thursday???

I’m not dyslexic.

I’m not usually careless.

It was a standard literacy night, only in St. Catherines (two hour drive away).

I shudder at what could have happened if I hadn’t confirmed the arrangements with the teacher librarian ahead of time.

It’s part of my protocol to call up a school, usually a week in advance, and confirm the date and times of my presentations, but I had been to this school less than a month ago and was coming back for this performance and didn’t think it was that important.

Last night, real late, I happen to email the teacher librarian saying something like, “It’s Thursday at 6 pm right?”

Then I went to work out on the treadmill. I walked for an hour and thinking that hey, this is Tuesday night and there’s no rush to get a response I wasn’t planning on checking my email. I’d shut down my computer for the night.

But then I remembered an email that really couldn’t wait to be responded to, so I opened outlook to find her panicked response!

And realized my blunder.

It really is so easy to let the busy-ness of life let you get careless.

And I’m thinking the fact that I recently bought a new agenda where the calendar looks different, the days of the week at the top appear different, might have had something to do with it too.

Whatever the case, it’s inexcusable.

I take it very seriously that organizers are counting on me to be there.

So a very HUMBLING moment!

Followed immediately by a SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICEXPIALADOCIOUS Moment! (To paraphrase Mary Poppins).

Isn’t life like that though?

You hit a low and it’s often followed by a high!

And I can’t tell anyone…yet.

Gotta wait once more till it’s official!

Oh, this is the hardest part! To hold on to good news!

Who knows how long it’ll take. Could be up to a week.

But after I got off the phone I did go to youtube, found Queen’s “We are the Champions” and played it full blast, singing along at the top of my lungs, and woefully out of tune!

(Voice’s not what it used to be!)

But it perfectly encapsulated how I felt!

Now if I can just remember to read the dates and times of presentations right!!!