I’ve had some FANTASTIC news that I can’t tell yet!

Oooh, it’s excruciating!

All day yesterday I’ve been pondering it, hardly able to believe it!

And just the night before I’d been thinking that I really was crazy to think my work would ever really get recognized.

Well, in a few days I’ll be able to shout the news! Can’t wait!

In the mean time I just want to let anyone in the Toronto vicinity know that I’ll be doing a storytelling concert on this Sunday, Feb. 6th, at St. David’s Anglican Church, at 49 Donlands Ave., Toronto from 3:00 – 4:00 pm.

It’s for the Mosaic festival and I hope some people show up. Ticket prices are basically a donation (hopefully of $5).

It would be great to see some friendly faces in the crowd!

Ooh, it’s late.

Gotta get to bed.

Wrote out the treatment for the screenplay I’m planning to work on for that screenwriting course I’m taking.

It reads really well, I think.

Gonna share it with the group tomorrow and see what they say.